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the epic rivalry is on again: Green and Proud

Archers vs. Eagles
Archers vs. Eagles

As I write, Ateneo leads 9 points and I am almost sure they will win Game 1 of the UAAP Finals. Before I finish this blog, I would have already screamed with every power my lung can give and still wonder why the heck J.V Casio isn’t his usual self and why they aren’t shooting like they’re supposed to. I mean, for someone who’s playing for his last year, J.V Casio should be stepping up his game, like Chris Tiu. But even Tiu was disappointing and hardly felt. On to the green camp, they miss shot after shot, none of the three points are going in, and this Rabeh Al-Hussaini is dominating the court like crazy! Can anyone stop him?

So it’s only Game 1 of the UAAP Finals, but prediction has it that whoever wins Game 1 will win the entire thing. Maybe they’re right, because then Ateneo would have the bigger drive since it’s just one more win. But like what that DLSU slogan says, “Keep the Faith”, and DLSU has not been in the Finals 9 out of 10 seasons for nothing. They have Championship experience, but right now, I am missing the likes of Mac Mac Cardona, Joseph Yeo and Mike Cortez. Those were the days of aggressive basketball, and you’ve not been to any collegiate basketball game until you’ve been to an Ateneo-LaSalle game. Add to that the crowd power in green on one side and blue on the other, spectacular!

And yes, the blue camp takes game 1. 69-61, Final score.

I hope next game I’d be where the action happens. Do you know how hard it is to get a ticket to a DLSU-ADMU game? I called the Alumni Office on the day the tickets were released, and this lady tells me it’s sold out already. I asked, “Anong oras po ba nag release?” and she goes, “Kaninang 8:00.” It only took 2 hours for those tickets to disappear like thin air, and I might be an avid basketball fan, but I’m not crazy to pay 25,000 for a 350-peso ticket, or even shell out just 1,000 pesos! Times are hard, I can always resort to watching it on TV, and in the meantime, I’m here in my room wearing green and cheering like crazy because that’s all I can do for my alma mater.

And just when I thought it would be easier to get tickets now that I’m an alumni, I was wrong! Students have the advantage as they can reserve online, and this I just found out last week. I really, really hope I can watch the next game, but then, if LaSalle loses, I wouldn’t want to be wearing green that day as I take the MRT with the blue shirts surrounding me rubbing victory in my face. Well, if I do have a friend with me on that day, maybe it won’t be that bad. Misery loves company hehehe.

No seriously, I’d give it to Ateneo for being the number one team this season. I used to be an Ateneo fan back in high school. I really was! I was rooting for Fonacier, and Wesley Gonzales and Gec Chia and Rich Alvarez, and I thought they made a very strong team. And then I found out my tita’s (in law) pamangkin is Wesley Gonzales, so as a gift for my 18th birthday, she had him call me on my debut, and that was as close as i can get to loving Ateneo.

Then I passed DLSU, and didn’t take ADMU entrance exam. Fine, I’d rather be green than be blue, as the song goes. And so it’s been 5 years of cheering for the Archers on the sideline, watching them win and lose, and just being proud either way.

So, to the Archers, I really hope you do give it your best this season. Win or lose, wag lang kulelat na kulelat! There’s still Game 2, and I still say it’s anyone’s game.

Animo LaSalle!


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