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Keeping the “I Do’s”

I really wish people had the decency to fulfill promises every time they make them. And I really wish they don’t have to be reminded about it from time to time because that shows how little effort they put into honoring their word. Otherwise, they should never have promised anything at all. I would rather have people not promise me anything especially when I didn’t ask for it. Makes this world a little less complicated and liberates us from expectations, don’t you think? Hindi naman ako yung mapapahiya eh, kaya sana hindi nalang sila nangako.

I’m not new to people who are not good examples of keeping their word. And I don’t mean to exclude myself because I have, on occasion, said something or committed to something I’ve either forgotten about unintentionally or had no intentions of keeping at all. I’m not proud of the commitments I’ve failed to uphold, but because I’ve seen what little dignity there is in unfulfilled promises, I make it a general rule not to say something I know I won’t be able to keep later on. I’m not doing this for the benefit of others. I’m doing it for myself.

And I don’t just mean keeping big promises. Even small promises we make to ourselves affect us in some way. Like diet, for example. If you tell yourself, “I’m not going to eat this or that” because you’re on a strict weight watch, and if you violate your own rule by sneaking in on little sweets here and there and justifying it with, “just one bite”, and ultimately that ‘one bite’ becomes an everyday affair, don’t go blaming how the weighing scale doesn’t seem to work.

Okay, so maybe this isn’t really a big deal. The world would still revolve around the sun even if you gained a pound, 10 pounds or more. True, you’re the only one affected by that little promise you made to yourself.

Unfortunately, there are many things in life that are affected by the decisions people make to themselves and to others. People give out words so casually and so carefree, they don’t even consider how that will affect not just the other person if they fail to keep that promise, but themselves. People are quick to say, “sige ako bahala”, “okay, I’ll do that” and then bail out at the last minute, and you know the adage that it takes a lifetime to build character, and only seconds to destroy it. It’s true. There is just no dignity in saying something you don’t intend to keep; it’s at the expense of one’s reputation. And I lose respect in people who are quick to give words without the intention of keeping them.

Promises are made to be fulfilled, not broken. If you can’t keep your promises, save it to yourself. Spare yourself the indignity of unfulfilled promises and protect your reputation. And put people out of misery from expectations. The world will become a better place when we all learn to keep our word.

Now if only all “I Do’s” are kept…


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