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Movement for Good Governance on a roll

MGG Event Featuring Juana Change on February 3, 2008

Juana Change is inviting YOU to join the Movement for Good Governance! Watch the premiere of three new Juana Change videos and find out more about MGG and how YOU personally can change the outcome of the 2010 elections.

To whet your appetite for things to come, watch the previous four videos that made Juana Change a YouTube phenomenon:

Tell your friends, re-post this on your blogs or forward it through e-mail. Please help us spread the word and build a coalition of citizens for change.

What is MGG?
Coalition aims 10M votes for good gov’t (Inquirer)
WeDeserveBetter.Ph (currently being updated)

Movement for Good Governance

(Click the image above to view pictures from last Friday’s press conference)

We are Filipino citizens and organizations who have gathered together to build a constituency for change in this country. We believe that the Philippines deserves better governance, but we realize that no one other than ourselves can deliver this to our nation. Thus, we have resolved to move together to restore transparency, accountability, integrity, and honesty in government. Notwithstanding the serious crisis of governance that we now face, we reject cynicism and indifference, as we place great confidence in the Filipino’s innate nobleness, decency, and righteousness. It is our hope that we can provide the spark that will ignite the people’s passion and love of country that will spur all of us to build a better society.


  1. Provide a point of convergence and promote solidarity among the diverse reform initiatives around the country that share the common objective of building a better and stronger Filipino nation
  2. Build a powerful constituency of reform by enlisting ten million citizens to support this movement for good governance
  3. Work for the election of good, responsible, and reform-oriented leaders, particularly at the highest levels of government, by helping create an environment where these leaders can flourish and by providing them a solid support base


  1. Voter Registration and Empowerment
    • To encourage unregistered citizens, particularly first-time voters and the youth, to register as voters
    • To organize ten million voters to sign up and support this movement for reform and good governance
  2. Election Reform
    • To initiate and support programs for electoral reform, particularly those that are geared towards effective automation designed to achieve transparent and faster canvassing of votes
    • To encourage and empower Filipinos, at the grassroots level and including those overseas, to monitor election results and use available technology (e.g. mobile phones and the Internet) to help protect the sanctity of the vote
    • To guarantee the ability of overseas Filipinos to participate in—to register, vote, and positively influence—the 2010 elections
  3. Leadership Development
    • To identify, empower, and support progressive and reform-oriented political leaders who are sincere and, at the same time, effective in promoting reforms towards good governance
    • To enable leaders to present and be accountable to their vision and platform
    • To organize and promote communication platforms and venues, including debates and other means of interaction, that will enable our fellow Filipinos to understand issues better and choose candidates wisely


While the Movement for Good Governance is aimed to be a long-term sustained movement for change, we believe that the 2010 elections provides a major opportunity for significant progress in promoting good governance. While we realize that our nation’s problems cannot be completely resolved overnight, we also acknowledge that we have no time to lose if we are to arrest the country’s continuing slide towards greater corruption and ineffective government. We will, therefore, exert an all-out effort to achieve as much as we can in promoting our ideals and objectives in the 2010 elections, including the possible election of the most reform-oriented and capable next president of the country.

Log on to WeDeserveBetter.Ph to get involved.


One thought on “Movement for Good Governance on a roll

  1. i want change too. changing gloria is a temporary relief. cha-cha is not intrinsically evil. i don’t know why most people don’t see that. most progressive countries in asia have a parliamentary system. that should say something about the need for a system change here as well. filipinos abroad are good citizens, and that’s because the system there works.

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