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What a best friend will do

Been needing some time out with my best friend Kay. Glad she texted me yesterday if i was free; i was. So we spent the whole day in Glorietta checking out summer wardrobes, trying on shoes, checking out dresses we can use for this hot, hot weather. After lunch, we talked and walked around, then had dessert at Damaso (Greenbelt 5). In the middle of our malling though, I got some nasty, bordering on psychotic/delusional messages from someone I don’t even know. What do you do when you’re cursed and accused of something YOU HAVE NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT IT’S ABOUT? Ignore. Let’s be mature that way.

Then it was Earth Hour at home (we had our mini celebration in my room.) It was actually liberation night. Kind of symbolic, incidentally. Close the lights, turn it on ONLY when you need to. But when you can do away without the lights, then go ahead. It’s okay to stay in the dark, so long as you have some handy flashlight, camera, a good friend and music via PSP to dance the night away. (videos in my multiply)

My heart hurts. So much that I wish it was always this dark. Thanks Kay. Even when we don’t get to see each other all the time, when we do see each other, it’s as if we’ve actually never been apart. Good times, dearie. Good times ahead.

18 years and counting
18 years and counting

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