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Post-Holy week thoughts

Will devote a lengthier blog on the week that was, but just to recap:

•    I am officially on my 6th month here at work (started October 10, 2008). Weeh! I’m so happy and I am even more thrilled for the things happening with my sites this start of the school year.

•    Can I just be vain for today and say that I want to grow my hair long again? Friends are so used to seeing my hair long and always in a pony and they’d rather I keep it short. But lately I’m being told by many people that I look pretty with my long hair and I look “cute” with my short. Who wants cute??? Okay, so excuse the vanity.

•    Being out for the holy week with my dad didn’t actually give me the “reflection” time I needed. One, the trip was semi-disastrous, as expected. But it did give me the opportunity to look beyond my dad’s flaws and be thankful nonetheless for his efforts. You know, God didn’t give us perfect parents. It also allowed me to see that my dad is trying his best to reach out to us, to the point of him being sick.

•    That reflection time I need? I’m almost ready to concede. I’m just about done analyzing. God has His reasons, and I’ll trust his heart.

•    I am such a glutton: 2 cups of rice, 1 big bowl of chicken fajitas, 1 regular fries, 1 Chocolate sundae, 8 pcs of beef soimai = all for lunch. Crap, how am I supposed to lose weight this way??? It’s a good thing that…

•    My best friend is joining the gym club!!! Now I’ll be more motivated. We will work our asses off to achieve once again our highschool ‘cheerdancing’ bodies, so SUMMER, you just wait for us at the beach! (Poor Coach Jay. If he sees me now he’d definitely kill me for wasting all those years of gymnastics to end up looking like this.) and can I just say, even if friends tell me they don’t remember me ever being fat, I still need to be watchful of my diet. We’re not getting any younger, metabolism’s slowing down.

•    Then again: I’m 23! I’m young! We’re the object of envy of a lot of people. Right, Kay? :)

•    Renewed my passport for my Sumatra mission trip on June. I’m also preparing for the Batad Banaue Medical Mission on May. Lord, You go before me. Prepare the way, prepare the people, and prepare our hearts.

•    I’ve finally decided to stop being ‘unthankful’. His Word says, ‘Be thankful for everything.’ I’m thankful for short friendships, and long ones like the one I have with Kay, Tia, and dlsu/ccc friends. They’re precious gifts from the Lord. And they’re as REAL as they can get. That is another thing to be thankful for.

•    God is good. His heart is good. He knows best; He always does. Thank you for surrounding me with people who will always remind me that. And for your Word that is constant.


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