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I like that about God

During BSF last night, we were asked about how the attributes of God that we saw in the story of Exodus 11 and 12 are helping us grow in our walk with Him. I pointed out the fact that God’s ways are truly different and unpredictable. Israel, after the Passover, was led to the desert and the people would have expected Him to lead them through the safer/nearer paths to Canaan. After all, it was just a straight route. Instead, God led them to where was farther. (And resulting to them being cornered by the Egyptians just before the crossing of the Red Sea)

God knew what He was doing; the Israelites didn’t. All they could see were dangerous roads ahead. In the end, God destroyed the Egyptians and hurled them back at sea like stubble. The Israelites who witnessed the power of God ended up praising and believing Him, but not before doubting him. I think this is crucial because that shows us how quick we shift loyalties. One moment we trust; the next we doubt.

So how is this knowledge helping me in my walk with God? I learn to trust him more.

It’s trusting God when I’m led through a direction I did not choose nor will have chosen for myself. Recently that happened to me. I was going through this direction, believing in my own wisdom that this was where God was taking me. Then he suddenly throws me off track, causing me to tread upon paths I’ve never walked before. It turns out, it was the safer route. I like that about God. He would demand of you to trust him should he take you to a path that is completely outside your comforts or territory. You have to trust him; otherwise, you will end up struggling with what really was the safer way.

I like that about God. I like that I can trust Him when I’m naturally inclined to doubt or lose faith.


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