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Hello Monday, double whammy of an answered prayer, and a faith-stretching prayer request

Monday, lovely Monday. Did you ever like Mondays? Like, do you remember a time when you were really so excited over the fact that it’s a Monday? The start of school, the start of work, the start of the week (okay, that’s wrong: Sunday is the first day of the week). When I started working for my organization, Monday became a favorite day for me. I’m serious: I can’t wait to get to work! That’s how I always feel. Maybe it’s because I love what I do and it spills over whatever negative thoughts and/or anything that might give me stress for the week ahead. I don’t know how long I’ll have this apparent love for Mondays, but I hope it doesn’t just spill over Monday, but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Work is a blessing! A verse in the Bible completely changed how I look at work days. It says, and I think I blogged about this before, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.” That is found in Colossians 3:23. It says, whatever you do, do it for the Lord. Work is what I do, and I do it for the Lord. Simple enough :)

I am so amazed and completely in awe at how God is able to work out the difficult and impossible things. Just a while ago, I received an answered prayer, and it could not have come at a better time. My heart is overflowing with joy: Lord, is this for real? Did you really hear me out? He did! It was an answer to a prayer I have long been agonizing over for months and months. And it came so suddenly, so unexpected, and that’s how God works, right? We cannot box the way God works, we cannot expect him to do it this way or that. It’s always on his terms. And it’s true what they say that when he blesses, he blesses bountifully. And it’s not always how we imagined it to be, but we trust nevertheless because He knows best. We credit it to faith, and to his faithfulness. Lord, you truly amaze me —this is beyond description.

More on prayer requests: Next week, May 9-13, I’ll be joining a medical Mission in Batad, Banaue Ifugao with some church mates. This just gets my heart so excited. Friends know me as someone who’s always up for adventure. Maarte ako, that’s true. I get ‘shouty’ all at the wrong places. (My friend Gren used to trick me a lot when we were in the jungles of Malia.) They just had to get used to me screaming every time an insect of some sort lands in front of me, or while I’m eating, or just flying above my head. Maarte ako especially when I’m in the mountains, because it is home to all sorts of creatures I would never ever want to befriend. But that doesn’t change the fact that I still love going to the mountains. The trek, the hike up, the river rafting, the rappelling, zip lines, crossing the longest bridge, everything! I love the feeling of being in some remote place, going out into the mountains and sharing to tribes. I’ve always been passionate about missions and this is also an answered prayer. I prayed before to God to bring me to Banaue as I’ve always wanted to visit it. One day, Doc Dan texted me to invite me to come with them to Banaue! What’s more, on a mission trip! DOUBLE WHAMMY! :)

Another prayer concern is for my Padang, Sumatra mission trip on the first week of June, called Suma Wrestling Tour. Every year, since the Tsunami happened in 2004, Frontiers Philippines sends missionaries/partners/church leaders to Sumatra for a prayer/medical mission. Frontiers Philippines is an organization that seeks to reach out to Muslims all around the globe and win them to Jesus Christ. For more information on Frontiers, check their website. I have been praying for this trip since 2005. A month ago, my churchmate and former Director of Frontiers Philippines, Dr. Dan, asked me if I would like to go with them to Sumatra again. By faith, I said yes, even if I knew I only had a month to raise the support needed for the trip. By faith I said Yes, because I know that God will provide. He will provide the finances, He will provide the people who will pray for and with me, and He will provide for all that I need for this trip.

Last, and this is really not a life over death matter. I want to get a bunny. I really do. Been researching on it today and I thought, oo nga, why don’t I take care naman of a bunny, although my mom has some misgivings since to her, we cannot even take care of our plants at home, how much more of pets? But, see, plants are different. I’m forced to take care of them because they’re there already and I can’t let them die. But getting a pet is a decision I make for myself: i decide on my own to take care of it, to be responsible for it. So I’m thinking when I should get one (maybe on my birthday) or if I even should because it also needs some TLC and it (cute unnamed rabbit for the moment) or I (the wanna-be pet owner) will have to adjust schedules to fit the lifestyle. (I always travel, I’m always not at home, I get home late, etc. etc). I know this is very small, but I don’t know, I feel like this is a huge step for me to get a pet, because FIRST of ALL, I’m not a pet lover. Never was. But I find dwarf bunnies soooo cute and I’m also intrigued: how does it feel to have a pet to take care of?

Well, let’s see how all these things work out. Happy Monday everyone!


2 thoughts on “Hello Monday, double whammy of an answered prayer, and a faith-stretching prayer request

  1. it’s amazing that you’re doing all this kind of missionary work. i will pray for your safety in the mountains.

    i wonder if a bunny will be happy alone. a pair would probably be preferable, but then they tend to multiply very fast. i suggest that you do some serious research before you embark on this undertaking.

  2. It reproduces quickly nga, so i have to separate their cages if i decide to get them. I’m so excited i actually dreamed about them last night. Like the mess they might be doing all over my room if i let them out the cage, or just me coming home feeding them and stuff. hehe. This is so exciting.

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