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KZ Tweeting on SONA 2009

Thank goodness there was Live SONA Coverage online for us who were not at home to watch GMA mock the Filipino people with lie after every moronic lie. Here’s to us Filipinos who know that behind every fact and figure is a forgotten scandal and a controversy and while our fake president has been challenged to “speak the truth”, that, my friends is precisely the problem.

Here are my Tweets for SONA (compiled, as they are) I started an hour before she started her speech.

Do you think GMA gets nervous during SONA?

Ilan kaya sa mga politikong asa SONA ang tinatamaan kapag nagdadasal?

“Ladies and Gentlemen, let us welcome the FAKE president of the Republic of the Philippines.”

“When my father left the Presidency, we were second to Japan” (KZ: “Now, in my presidency, we are second to Yemen” (and Iran, and Bangladesh.)

Mga pumapalakpak, sipsip.

GMA: We have built airports of international standard, upgraded domestic airports, built seaports and the roll on/roll off transport system (KZ: But we owe Germany $60 million for the airport and haven’t paid them yet).

GMA: Would’ve taken twice effort if we hadn’t paid the political price for doing the right thing. (to GMA: You know what is right?)

GMA: “Don’t say bad words in public.” (KZ: Hey, better bad words than killing people, right?)

Don’t be fooled by the LOUD voice. If she can’t say anything true, might as well speak loud to compensate (at least sounds aggressive)

GMA: we reduced debt significantly. Those in the past conjured demon of foreign debt; we exorcised it. (I knew it! she is the exorcist!)

Ang uniporme hindi basis ng good education.

GMA on children and education: They must receive right food (—you mean, the overpriced noodles?)

GMA: “there must be more classrooms and computers.” (—I beg to disagree. What good are big classrooms if our teachers are not trained?)

ME: Quality education is not through construction of classrooms and acquisition of computers. Let’s focus on the real needs of the students.

ME: What do we know about nuclear proliferation treaties? We don’t even have the proper guns to provide for our soldiers.

To GMA: Provide ammunition and guns to our soldiers against NPA and ASG before you start thinking of having them defend the country

GMA: those who consider themselves poor now at 47% (KZ: did you ask the people in the province or were they too far away for the survey?)

GMA on Mindanao conflict: In these two internal conflicts, ang tanong ay hindi, “Sino ang mananalo?” (KZ: tama ka! ang tanong, “Nakanino ang PERA?”)

How should crime be fought? With the five pillars of Justice…and more power generation. (There it is, people. GENERATE POWER!)

GMA: After this speech, I will step down from this stage. But i will not step down from the presidency (To the applause of the cowards)

WOW, she is mocking us, Filipinos!

There you go, Pacquiao. Show them how politically immature you are. Let the lions eat you up.

A president will be on the job 24/7, ready for any contingency, crisis, anywhere. (—So that’s where you were during Garci!)

On GMA’s attack against ERAP: Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones. Those who should be in jail should not threaten it, especially if they have been there. (KZ: You don’t have the last laugh. You just wait, YOU ARE NEXT, GMA.)

GMA is delusional: “I’ve never done any of the things that have scared my worst critics so much. They’re frightened by their own shadows.”

GMA on her concluding remarks: We must come together, work together and walk together toward the future. (let’s add: and go to Jail together!)


3 thoughts on “KZ Tweeting on SONA 2009

  1. whoa! this is more than the twittering of a bird. it sounds more like the squawking of an attacking goose. i didn’t know you have a wicked sense of humor. i don’t mind as long as it’s not directed to me.

  2. hahaha. Listening to her talk about all these lies just brought out the monster in me. i was type, type, typing away :p Did you get to watch it, though?

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