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Romance inside the House

Tom Princess

I admit: I watched Pinoy Big Brother Double Up last night when I was home early and didn’t do anything anymore except be a couch potato. And I particularly liked that part about Tom and Princess. Here’s the whole story.

Watching them last night I admit kind of broke my heart til i was reduced to a sobbing girl. Was it just me or did everyone else think it was painful watching them say their goodbyes? Just the separation and distance, the sudden cut of something beautiful, even how the cameras were focusing on their eyes as they tear up, and the budding romance between these two young people, hmmm. Intriguing.

Well I don’t know about you, but I’m rooting for them. Once Tom gets out from that bubble (Big Brother’s house), I’m sure the friendship will progress into something deeper. And don’t you just find Tom a sweet guy? The way he said he’d like to take her out one time for dinner, and how the house feels empty without her, and just seeing her smile that puts him at ease. Honesty and sincerity, mmm hmm —a good foundation to friendship.

Here’s to the unfolding of their love story!


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