Go Green this season

I’m not talking political here; I’m talking environmental. Here’s an alternative to Christmas wrappers.

About a week or so ago, my sister emailed us about going green this season, that is, instead of buying Christmas wrappers, using old magazines to wrap our gifts instead.

So, taking her advice and following after my twin sister, I used pages from a glossy (to add some fanciness) magazine to wrap my gifts instead of the usual Christmas wrappers.

And it was fabulous!

I realized that we can be practical, economical and stylish at the same time. Just mix those colourful pages with the white ones and voila, here are your magazine-wrapped gifts :-)

And really, those wrappers we buy end up getting torn off away, unless they’re boxes you can reuse, which is another topic.

So I encourage everyone to be practical, and go green! :-)


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