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House renovations and a bit of drama to it

The renovations at home are about to be finished this week, hopefully before my sister leaves for KL. While there are still a lot of things to be done —retouching, repainting, looking at how everything seems to be coming together makes me excited like a five year old girl with a lollipop. I cannot wait for the house to be finished!

For two weeks since the renovations started, the three of us (Keren, ate, and I) have been camping in my room, as it was the only room that didn’t need repainting. But electrical works had to be made for the entire house, so while my room isn’t as messy as the other rooms, it wasn’t spared. We literally breathe and sleep in dust and all of us have been coughing and sneezing here and there. I’m allergic to dust so you could only imagine how bad the environment is for me. But hopefully, tomorrow as work resumes for the carpenters, painters and the plumbers, they will accomplish the remaining tasks so that we can go back to our normal living condition. We’re actually refugees at home. When they need to work on one room, we have to transfer to another room, and vice versa. But at least wi-fi has been set up by my dad about three weeks ago, and so there’s one less thing to worry about.

I’m also thankful that my eldest sister is an interior designer, and being such, we didn’t need to hire someone from outside to redesign the house. The overall mood of the house is warm and relaxed, and has an earthy-feel to it. I actually like the colors she chose for the house, warm green, chocolate and dark brown, and not-so-bright yellow and red which accentuate our furnishings. (I will upload pictures once the renovations are complete!) Tonight, I even painted my dresser corn yellow, and I’m just waiting for it to dry up. I also bought a compressible red and yellow box that you can seat on to store all my books. I was thinking of buying a book shelf as my books are literally filling up my room, but I didn’t have enough time today because we were busy cleaning the first floor.

One good thing this renovation has done is to get us throwing and giving away things that we’ve accumulated for almost 25 years. My sister has a rule for such things – if they’ve been in the cupboard for that long and have never been used, give them away because that’s exactly the reason they’re inside those cupboards: you don’t use them. Just today, as we were going over our shoes, I was able to throw away about 9 pairs of shoes. We’ve given away a lot of clothes already, but looking at my closet, I’m tempted to rummage through it once more because I’m really out of space already. Or maybe I just need a new, bigger closet? :)

One of the downsides though, if that is the correct word to use, is just how costly the renovations have been so far (as all renovations are, anyway). My sister took the bulk of the expenses. My dad (who doesn’t live with us and is actually doing this voluntarily) also took care of the kitchen expenses as well as the labor charges. Keren and I chip in from time to time. Hehe. I’m realizing how costly it is because the first ‘tranche’ I gave my sister was eaten up by curtains alone! Pretty soon we were giving for the meals of the workers, and then other materials needed, and feeding 10 people a day does not come cheap. Good thing we have a job to help us ‘replace’ the depleted resources.

Another downside is the drama behind ‘taste’ and preferences. My dad, who like I said does not live with us, wants to have a say in one of the projects at home, so he goes for the door. But his choice (more like preference) was so different to what we envisioned that as the workers we’re leaving, we asked, “Pa, is this door finished already?” To our shock, it was! It was horrible! I don’t know what he was thinking, or why he would even look at it as anywhere near to being beautiful. When we told him it didn’t match the theme and, frankly, looked horrible, he went into an immature tantrum (which by the way does not LOOK GOOD for 53 year old adults), gave us the silent treatment, and left house without even saying goodbye. My sisters and I just laughed at the whole situation because my dad has always been that way. He wants to insist on his way. Even the workers thought the door looked so different from the overall theme. And I might have been too frank with my dad when I said, “what works in your house may not necessarily work for this house”, but I did say that in all honesty.

Anyway, we expect him to show up tomorrow, and once we repaint the door, I know he’s going to be silent about it again. He spent so much on that door, with the paint being more expensive at quarter of a gallon than one gallon of flat brown my sister bought, but I guess that should serve as a lesson: just because something is expensive does not mean it will always look good.

It’s close to midnight and I have two deadlines to accomplish tonight for work and for BSF. Hopefully I get through this day, because as you might have read from the previous blog, I’m in a really terrible, terrible position at work now. I hope, though, as I always do, that God’s grace will abound. I’m not sure how I can survive this week without it.

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