Of accusations and why they are NEVER right.

Accusations, especially if they are founded on credible claims and can be verified, are acceptable. We can accuse somebody of being a player and that’s an easy thing to prove: just confirm all his girls. But there are accusations that have no true claims in them, and that’s what frustrates me. Nothing infuriates me more than when people falsely accuse you of something you know you didn’t do. They accuse without basis and yet if they hear themselves out, they will realize just how illogical and irrational they are (unless of course they’re deaf and blind which is likely). Accusing somebody without knowing the facts is something I can NEVER tolerate. At least when I’m lying about something I would feel guilty, BUT WHEN I KNOW that I really didn’t do anything and YET the accusations are hurled at you like hail storm —I hate it. For someone who professes to be a recipient of grace to be so lacking of it, unbelievable.

Accusations are in itself a big injustice because people, without knowing the truth, pretend to know the truth. They don’t hear you out —and to be around people like that is the worst. Who wants to be around people who think they’re always right? Who NEVER listens to other people? I don’t want to be like that. I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t hear others out because I believe I’m the only one who’s right. People have every right to be heard for the truth.

Unfortunately, some people just can’t resist the urge to play deaf because of so many things, but PRIDE comes to my mind first. They PLAY DEAF even when deep inside, whether they admit it or not, they know they’re not entirely right. Like I said, PRIDE. It’s the root of everyone’s downfall.

People who live to accuse never get my respect.


One thought on “Of accusations and why they are NEVER right.

  1. you must be a star in the making. so, you need to have a thick skin for this kind of thing. there will always be people like that. i can only surmise that you’re doing something right in your life and that makes them feel inferior or jealous or whatever. making accusations real or imagined is their way of getting even with you.

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