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Review: Acuatico Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Acuatico Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

There’s a resort in Laiya that’s being talked about for its beauty and its being an ideal vacation getaway. I agree. Upon seeing their website, I was intrigued. You know how websites always manage to make things appear more beautiful than it actually is? Well, I for one didn’t think it was the case with Acuatico. After all, I have heard friends say that the place was really beautiful and worth going to. For our family reunion, we decided to choose Acuatico over La Luz which I think was only a couple of resorts away. The website provides an overview of what to expect from the resort. Initially, I thought steep price. But maybe there was a reason it costs this much.

Getting there

Acuatico is about 3 hours’ travel from Manila. Don’t expect me to give you the direction to get there via commute. Inside the car I was asleep during the travel. But I’d say 3 hours isn’t so bad. For directions, just click here for the map.


The price of the Terraza (villas) rooms is really expensive (but it had a view deck). One Terraza room good for 4 people is Php11,550. What’s inside the room? Of course it’s air-conditioned, there’s a flat TV and free wi-fi, and there are two beds, 1 queen size, one small bed and a pull out. It’s kinda spacious given that you are four inside the room. Maximum probably 5, but more than that you’re kinda cramped already. I can’t say for the other room types because we rented four villas.

The CR was also too small. Tall people will not really fit into the shower room. It was too cramped. And when we got there, the place smelled of chlorine from just being cleaned minutes before we checked in.


Acuatico is known for its Infinity pool, the only one of its kind in Laiya. I must admit, it was beautiful. The pool was big. There were three actually, but all connected. I loved how inviting the pool and the whole atmosphere was. I actually didn’t want to get out of the pool. Apart from wanting a tan, it was really just a good place to unwind.

Aside from the Pool, they have a floating mini bar that’s at the center of the pool. Food isn’t as pricey as one would expect, and it’s really cozy in there.

They also have kayaks and boats, but I didn’t see anyone try it. I didn’t even know there was one until I saw again in their website.

So basically, what I’m saying is, there wasn’t much to do in Acuatico apart from swimming. There was limited recreational activity and the beach front wasn’t also that good. The sand was kind of coarse and wasn’t as white, but compared to the nearby resorts, Acuatico covers a much bigger space.

I didn’t get to ask how much the rates were for the Spa services.


The resort serves buffet for all meals. That’s Php565.00 each meal, and we were 24. I don’t have anything bad to say about their food because it was okay, but I will comment on how expensive it was considering that apart from the breakfast, everything else is separately paid. In short, on top of the super extravagant villas we were paying, we also had to pay for our meals separate the breakfast. And they’re also very strict in bringing food inside. There’s a mini store just right outside the resort, but there’s also a resort staff guarding it to make sure you don’t bring inside chips or even drinks. The room is inclusive of breakfast, depending on the room. If not buffet, it’s a choice of American or Filipino breakfast.

Over all, the place was overrated. At Php11,550/villa, it was just too costly. Why? Because there wasn’t much to do there, anyway. Half the time we were actually just inside the room playing cards. I was actually bored after I swam. I was looking for something to do, but I think it was really just a place for swimming.

I was thankful for the company, though. Being with family was more important than the place itself.

Rating: 2/5

6 thoughts on “Review: Acuatico Resort, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

  1. Thank you for your comments. We,ourselves are wondering why it is so expensive in Batangas. Our Real Estate prices are even higher than Makati in some instances.
    Maybe your blog will be an eye-openeer for our local businessmen that they are pricing themselves out of the competition.
    Why go to Batangas when it is much cheaper to go to Bohol or Palawan for a vacation?
    It is even cheaper to go to Dapitan or Davao, and package tours to Hongkong now are only $200.00++ including a side trip to China.
    Maybe they should do a survey on repeat visitors, and find out if people still come back.

  2. I agree. The whole trip, including accommodation and food, was over the top. And this is just in Batangas. We decided to eat out for dinner since the food in Acuatico was way too expensive. We ended up going to a nearby resort, Taramindu, and it was perfect! Food was great, ambiance was great, price was great :-)

  3. HI THERE!
    were planning to go to acuatico by april, what month was your stay? was there so much people? and were bringing toddlers with us, is there a play area for kids?
    how do they check for the food and drinks. hehe my son is very picky with his food so i am really worried not bringing his own food specially his own water with us. unless they sell wilkins inside the resort. hehe! thankyou so much!!=)

  4. We went there last year, May. There weren’t a lot of people naman, but I think because madami kami ng relatives ko so we kinda booked a lot of the rooms and cottages din. There’s a pool for kids but no play area. They don’t really check the food and drinks that you bring in (if you really keep it underneath) but you definitely can’t bring the food out, they’re very strict. I’m sure they have that wilkins water, or you can just put it inside your bag. Okay lang yun, for baby naman.

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