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I did a very random thing today

I deactivated my Facebook account, just because.

My friends were asking me: Why? I don’t know. I shocked even myself. It’s no secret I’m always on Facebook, and it’s no secret my online life is active. I blog. I tweet. I multiply. I YM. I email. I’m active because when I’m not out of town for work, I’m always just in front of the computer as demanded by work. And this blog keeps me glued to my computer. I spend a lot of time online, and for a long time now, on Facebook. It helps me get connected to so many friends that I don’t get to see everyday. Facebook is really a phenomenon that has changed how communication works for most of us. Everyone is suddenly just a wall away. Even knowing when a person’s birthday has been made easier by the email notifications. Plus, we get to see what people are up to with their pictures and posts and whatnot. Needless to say, I really enjoy Facebook.

But today, I just had the urge to take a break from Facebook. It’s kinda like your breakup with a boyfriend, only that this is temporary, and when I get back with Facebook, it’ll just be there waiting for me.

So to go back to the question of why I deactivated my account, I don’t know.

Something tells me I’m trying to prove myself something. Something also tells me this reflects a part in me that has grown…bored and accustomed to the rituals of everyday, to the point that what you normally enjoy has become a mundane thing because of the frequency of it? I don’t know if you get me, but say, you have a dessert that you always crave for. You love eating it, but you won’t eat it everyday because you’ll get sick of it. But you made a habit of eating it everyday, and now you’re bored, and you want to stop eating it for a while until you start craving for it again. Law of diminishing returns, is it not?

Gah. That was bad explanation for my break up with Facebook. I don’t know. I still don’t know why. But I feel this isn’t a bad thing. We need to learn how to give up on our habits sometimes. And for all I know, this could be a good thing.

So, until then, expect more of me here :-)

Love, KZ

2 thoughts on “I did a very random thing today

  1. i haven’t joined the facebook generation. no harm done. my life isn’t that interesting anyway. :)

    by the way, have you tried doing a random act of kindness? it will give you the same high.

  2. Random act of kindness – not lately. Wow, that’s bad saying I haven’t been kind lately. hehe.

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