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Day Hike to Mt. Pico de Loro

Mt. Pico de Loro is part of a protected Forest in Ternate cavite called Mt. Palay-Palay. At 664 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Cavite. North of it is the island of Corregidor, Nasugbu Batangas in the south, Maragondon Cavite on the east and the South China Sea on the west. It is a popular hiking site both for amateur and newbie mountaineers alike. One, at 2 ½ hour travel time, it’s very accessible from Manila. Two, because it is a minor climb, it appeals to people who are not necessarily professional climbers. In short, it is one of the easiest mountains to climb.

I organized a day-hike to Pico De Loro with some friends last Saturday, May 29. I’ve been planning to climb Pico since I got back from Pulag last April, which actually is funny because Pulag is a whole different level of climb.The plan was to pool together 10 people to join the trek, a small but manageable group. Eventually, only 8 of us were able to go, but I had invited 18 friends.

Meeting Place and Going to Cavite

5:40 am – We met at Mcdonald’s in Valero, Dela Costa, and waited until 6 for two more companions to arrive. Personally, I would rather hire a van to drive us all the way to Cavite than to commute by bus. While it may be more expensive than a bus fare, if the group is 10 or more, it’s relatively cheaper. Expect to pay around 300-320 per person for the transportation.

6:00 am – departure.

Going to Cavite, we took the South Luzon Express way, exit through Carmona and towards the road of Puerto Azul and Caylabne. The Magnetic Hill Sign in Ternate is where the jump off point is located. The Marine base camp is 30 minutes away. There’s another way to go to Pico through Nasugbu, Batangas.

Arrival at the DENR Office

8:30 – arrival at Mt. Palay-Palay/Mataas na Gulod National Park. The registration fee is Php20.00 per person, and the parking fee is Php50.00.

8:45 – start of trek.

The trek

Pico de loro is a relatively easier trek and is a good training climb for major climbs. God granted us good weather condition during the trek. It wasn’t too hot and it also didn’t rain, which was my worry because it rained the day before. But because of that, the trail became a little slippery and muddy.

Our first stop was at Base Camp 1 where another registration fee of Php20.00 per person was collected. There are houses in base camp and comfort rooms in case anyone needs to go. This is also where tents can be set up and where you can buy soft drinks. They don’t sell water here so it’s really advisable to have at least 2 liters of water enough to last the trek. After resting for 10 minutes, we were off.

11:30 – Getting to the summit of Peak 1 took us three hours. What made the trek bearable was the good weather condition, a canopy of trees giving us shade from the heat, and thank God for bamboos to hold on to. We made more stops after base camp, and also met climbers who were on their way back to base camp.

The summit of Peak 1 was like an oasis in a desert. I was glad I can put down my bag, sit on one of the rocks and marvel at the mountain ranges, thick forest covering and beaches that were all within sight. We spent 15 minutes or so resting at the peak, til it was time again to make our final ascent to the main summit.

This was the most tiring part of the trek. One, the trail was a vertical climb and two, it was slippery and there wasn’t much cogon grass to hang onto because they were all burned up most likely from a forest fire. But once we reached the summit of Pico de Loro, the crawl up seemed like ancient history. It was a sight to behold, and if there was one thing I was disappointed at, it was that the mountain was balding unlike the pictures I’ve seen where the grass was green and orange.

After resting and taking pictures, we went down a steep path to make our way towards the rocky outcrop which was going to be the highlight of our Pico de Loro climb.

The assault to the Rock

I did tell myself I wasn’t leaving Loro without climbing this, and I was going to be stubborn even if it meant I was climbing it alone.

12:00 – lunch at the foot of the monolith rock. We bought our lunch at Mcdonald’s where we had our breakfast. My Mcdonald’s chicken never tasted this good as I was so hungry the entire trek.

12:30 – From a distance, the rock formation looks scary and intimidating to climb. In fact, there were three guys ahead of us who checked whether it’s possible to climb it. I know it was, having researched about it and hearing from some friends who have climbed it themselves. When one of  the guys fell, they decided not to climb at all. Now our EL Kuya Joel called out to me and asked me to take a look. There’s a rope that you can use to climb up the rock, but it was a bit short and one would need to climb a steep section before they could hold onto it. Fortunately, Kuya Joel brought an extra rope giving additional length to the worn out rope.

Now I didn’t use the rope and for some reason, I didn’t even have difficulty climbing the rock. I managed to climb up the steep section, carefully placing my foot on edges allowing me to pull myself up, and in two minutes, I was already on top. Kuya Joel, surprised, asked me, “Paano mo nagawa yun? Ang lakas mo ah.” I honestly thought it was very easy, but I think that’s because of three things: my small frame, my experience in wall climbing, and also because of gymnastics. I can stretch myself and can carry myself better than others. And when I was up there, I was telling myself, this feels so natural to me. Perhaps I’m made for rock climbing?

We went in two batches. First batch was with Don, Paolo, Kuya Joel and myself, while the others take our pictures. When we got the peak of the rock (Peak 2), the sight was breathtaking! I was just at a loss for words and I just…shouted! I was calling out Liselle and the others, but I don’t think they heard us. I said a short prayer of thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to see such beauty and to enjoy his creation.


1:00 – Descent. The trek back was even more tiring because almost all of us are running out of water. I only brought 1.7 Liters of water (not following what I told everyone, to bring 3L of water), because I didn’t want to be carrying that much weight in my bag. The trek to camp base seemed to stretch on for hours, inspiring me to make a chant on C2 Lemon. I was craving for ice-cold C2 Lemon at the camp base, but upon arrival, only soft drinks were available, and they weren’t even that cold!

3:30 – Arrival at camp base 1

4:00 – Arrival at DENR station.


Since I knew it was going to be hot, I opted to wear cargo shorts and a pink and white tank top (because it’s hot). Good choice but eventually, I got sunburned at the back with the outline of my razorback sports bra. Ugly tan line, I must say.

Still go for trekking shoes with spikes especially during the vertical crawl.

Do not carry too much inside your bag. Change of clothes (another pair of shorts, tanktop/shirt, slippers) is necessary. You can take a bath at the DENR station. Trail food – jelly ace always does the trick, and Pao brought dried Mangoes which actually is a good energy food!

It’s okay to prepare –puting most of our stuff inside ziplocks just in case it rains. Overall, it was a fun day hike and I loved every minute of it. :-) Thank you, Lord!


135 thoughts on “Day Hike to Mt. Pico de Loro

  1. hey… do happen to know if the denr people have their own guide for a day trek? and if we can climb anytime… tnx… nice pics by the way… and the infos are really helpful and encouraging…

  2. I’m sure they have. You can try to google and see if you can get a contact person. When do you plan to climb?

  3. we’re planning to climb this month… maybe before xmas or before new year… kaya lang 3-4 lng kami… newbies pa… hehehe… tnx for ur help… :D

  4. No problem.

    Here’s what you can do. Look up Pinoy Mountaineer in google and find Pico De Loro in their list of mountains. Usually, they have a contact person listed there somewhere. If not on the blog, somewhere sa thread :-) Careful, better do it on a day hike :-D

  5. Just prepare your knees for it. Try to jog or run para ma prepare yung knees niyo. Go on a day hike, don’t carry to much stuff. bring a small bag just for your change of clothes and food. Bring a cap and mag warmers para hindi umitim :)

  6. Just prepare your knees for it. Try to jog or run para ma prepare yung knees niyo. Go on a day hike, don’t carry too much stuff. bring a small bag just for your change of clothes and food. Bring a cap and mag warmers para hindi umitim :)

  7. Hello…

    Nice blog! I am also looking forward to climbing Pico de Loro. How muchh do you think should be the budget? Any guides?


    PS.. Please check out my blog.

  8. If you’re commuting, the bus fare might be 400 back and forth, not really sure. Then some fees can total to 40 for each person. So 500 per person is safe. :-)

  9. The trail’s established. If you guys are good navigators, you’re good to go, no need for a guide. Pero advisable din if bago lang kayo sa Pico.

  10. pde po ba magovernight d2? hehe ska anu ba mga pde eh side tripping jan sa mt.pico de loro pagkatapos ng hike?

  11. Yes, pwede siyang overnight. Pero hindi kayo sa summit, dun kayo sa camp 2 siguro. Side trip pwede sa marine base camp sa ternate. May beach dun. Usually, dun ang bagsak ng ibang mga mountaineers.

  12. Hi…me and my friends are planning to climb Pico de Loro sometime this August. I’ve been reading about this for the past few days researching and somewhat preparing my team of what to expect on this trip. Most of us are novices on this kind of stuff. Your blog seems to be the most informative amongst all the ones I’ve read. Haven’t read the whole thing though coz I feel so sober right now :).. Will do read this later… I wanted to know if we’ll be needing service of a guide, or a rappel master to get to the top of the rock formation?

  13. Hi. If you’re new to Pico, I would definitely recommend getting a guide from the DENR station. Siguro mga 300-500 yun. As for climbing the rock formation, the rope is worn out. If you really wanna climb it, please make sure you have an extra rope to use, and please be careful. Your guide can help you climb to the top. :) Cheers!

  14. Hi KZ..I’ve read the whole post already…It just make me more excited of the trip.. Anyway, I’m planning to start our climb in Cavite and we descend using the Batangas route. What do you think of this?

  15. yeah sure, go ahead. Are you going on a side trip after? There’s the pico de loro resort off batangas, in Nasugbu. Don’t know if it’s private. Have fun! Don’t over pack. You all can do this on a day hike. But since it’s rainy season, bring a rainproof jacket.

  16. Actually we want to camp overnight. Then maybe a side trip after is a good idea. And thanks for the tip. :) Will tell you about it after our trip. Thanks thanks! :))

  17. hey KZ we are planning to climb on the long holiday at the end of this month…do we have stable cellular phone signals there?what network/s particularly?thanks…nice pics…

  18. Hi KZ! My two friends and I are planning to climb Mt Pico this Monday (Aug 29). Is it safe to hike during the day and camp overnight? Are there trails in the mountain? Or we need to hire a guide? We have no experience in hiking, but we want to try this as a form of retreat this coming holiday. Thanks! :)

  19. Hi,

    Yes, it’s best done on a day hike, and then you can choose to sleep at camp 1. Actually, you can follow the IT here (what time we started, etc) and then just stay overnight at Camp 1. The trails are already established, but I still suggest hiring a guide. If you are hiring a guide, or considering to hire a guide, make sure he’s accounted for in your food din :)

    Since you have no experience pa, it’s really best to have a guide so that you don’t get lost. I don’t necessarily suggest people to go on a mountain without prior experience, for safety na din. :) Enjoy! Medyo madaming tao dun since long weekend, might defeat that retreat aspect.

  20. Thanks for reading. :-) Enjoy Pico! If you need a guide or someone who can help you climb Pico, let me know. our EL (Expedition leader) can help you there. He’s also a Christian. :) We were supposed to have a day hike this long weekend, but cancelled it. so he might be free. :)

  21. Hi KZ! i cannot understand the itinerary stated in
    What do they mean by 500pesos one way? for a jeepny ride?
    I wasn’t able to read this in your blog though. please help.

    0400 Board Saulog bus at Lawton to Ternate (~P110)
    0700 ETA Ternate. Rent jeepney to Magnetic Hill (P500/one-way)
    0745 ETA DENR / jump-off point. (P20 registration)
    0800 Start trek. Note that jump-off point is 5 minutes’ walk away from DENR.
    0845 ETA rest station, Basecamp 1 (P20 registration)
    1130 ETA summit. Lunch.

  22. Hi Nikki!

    What Gideon probably meant here is that when you take the Saulog bus, it’s only until Ternate. To get to the Magnetic hill, you will have to rent a jeep that costs 500 just for one way. Pagbalik, maybe the jeep will wait for you or pick you up depending on arrangements, and then another 500. So you will have to divide this among your friends para mura.

    I suggest renting a van that will take you directly to the DENR station para you don’t have to go down twice, hassle.

    Hope that helps. :)

  23. good am po sa inyong lahat.. mam KZ ask ko lng po sana kung ano ang pwede kong sakyan from dasma cavite to DENR? thanks in anvance

  24. Hi! There’s a bus going to Ternate. I asked our EL what bus, not sure kung ano. from there, pwede kayo mag hire ng jeep.

  25. the problem is, yung mga kasama ko eh manggagaling ng manila, ako lng ang dasma, and hindi ko po alam kung ano ang pwedeng sakyan.. this coming 30 nga po pla hike(day hike) namen.. any advice po? thanks in advance..

  26. Ah okay. Well, ang best option niyo is to hire a private car/van kung madami sila. Kung hindi naman, mag commute nalang from Manila. May mga buses sa Lawton and Taft Avenue na papuntang Ternate, Naic or Maragondon. Meron din sa Central Station, LRT. Baba kayo ng Ternate. Then if you already are in Ternate, sabay sabay na kayo mag jeep papuntang DENR Outpost. Sabihin niyo nalang sa papuntang Pico De Loro. I don’t know how much the rental of the jeep costs. Siguro mga 500 or 600 one way.

  27. Hi miss KZ, you said you didn’t use the rope when you climb the parrot’s beak, i just want to ask if rope is still needed when you climb the parrot’s beak or it is impossible to descend if you don’t have a rope? because i’ve been to pico yesterday with my colleague. but when my stubbornness fall in my head i try to look for my self because no one wants to climb the parrot’s beak and lucky for me there is someone on the top having an event, someone actually propose an engagement on the top of rock and when they descend already the rope that i was hoping for is also carried with them as well. i can climb it if i want to but i dont know if i cant climb down after that without a rope. Thanks

  28. Well, if you were able to climb up with a rope, definitely climb down with one :) Mas maganda may rope kayong dala kasi talagang mahina na yung rope na nakakabit dun. How was your climb? :)

  29. Wow… tagal ko ng pinapangarap umakyat sa bundok na to so i can have my first climb ever… it’s just that wala akong mahilang kasamang umakyat… i dont even know anyone who’s into hiking…

    But thanks for the info… hope someday… maakyat din ako kahit papaano…

  30. Hi. When are you climbing? I suggest you get a guide from DENR if it’s your first time. The trails are established, but just as a precaution because you might get lost. Anong advice po kailangan ninyo? Just ask away nalang so I can reply :) By the way, holy week you mean on March-April?

  31. Hi. When are you climbing? I suggest you get a guide from DENR if it’s your first time. The trails are established, but just as a precaution because you might get lost. Anong advice po kailangan ninyo? Just ask away nalang so I can reply :) By the way, holy week you mean on March-April?

  32. maam kz happy new year po plan po namin is April 06 – 07,2012 friday and saturday? panu po makakakuha ng guide from denr? meron po kayang contact person na makokontak namon doon meron po ksi biyehae ng caivite dito sa amin ai pala pala pag sumakay po kami sa gunung trip anu po next step po namin salamat po di po ba bawal umakyat sa holy week doon salamat po

  33. Hi! You just go there. meron naman sila :) Make sure you have transportation; I don’t know how to commute kasi going to DENR or if you can even do that without a rented van or jeep. If you guys need a guide, I can recommend our team leader. :) Just let me know!

  34. sorry po ang gulo ng first post ko…e2 po ulit

    Hi KZ, ever since nabasa ko tong blog mo I’ve been bugging my friends na umakyat sa Mt. Pico and sa wakas this coming January 14-15 I hope matuloy na ang lakad. Will be staying there overnight then we will visit Marine Base Beach resort the next day. I’m just wondering if ok etong IT na ginawa ko… and kung ok na ang 1K per head para sa expenses… Thanks so much!

    DAY 1 January 14, 2012
    0800 ETD from Northgate, Alabang to Baclaran
    0900 Board bus from Baclaran to Ternate
    1100 ETA Ternate town proper
    1130 ETA DENR/jump-off point
    1200 Start trek
    1245 ETA Base Camp 1, rest for LUNCH
    1315 Start trek to campsite
    1500 ETA campsite, pitch tent
    1530 Assault to summit
    1540 ETA summit
    1745 Descent to campsite
    1800 Dinner

    DAY 2 January 15, 2012
    0700 Wake up call, prepare for breakfast
    0800 Breakfast
    0830 Break camp, prepare for descent
    0900 Start descent to Magnetic Hill
    1230 ETA DENR (snacks)
    1300 ETD for Marine Base Beach Resort
    1330 ETA Marine Base Beach Resort
    1400 Late Lunch
    1600 ETD for Bus Terminal
    1630 ETD to Manila
    1830 ETA Manila

  35. one more thing… do you have any idea if may makakainan sa Marine Base Beach resort like karinderya or kung may mabibilhan ng fish or meat na pwede ihawin for lunch? Maraming salamat ulit, I’ll be looking forward sa mga sagot mo.

  36. Hi Chia,

    Thanks for reading. 1k is sobra sobra na nga eh. We usually get Pico for 650-700. Depends kasi kung nag rent ng van. Kung commute, mas makakamura kayo. Take note, the campsite is not at the summit/peak, but at camp 1, where you buy drinks and you register. Doon merong campsite. After that, dire-direcho na yun to the summit. If you’re going up the summit by 3pm, gagabihin na kayo pabalik nyan to your campsite. Just make sure you have headlamps so you don’t get lost. As for your meals, if you need to cook food, you have to bring pre-cooked food na. Dun niyo na lutuin sa campsite. :)

    The marine base is still far from the DENR post. Probably 8km away pa yun. But yes, madaming makakainan dun. May mga carinderia dun, little stalls I mean.


  37. gud day mam KZ… possible ba na madadaanan namin ang falls dun… were planning kasi to go there on Jan. 15 ng madaling araw… Para matapos namin xa ng 1 day lang…

  38. Hi. I’ve read that you spent P600 all in. Pwede mo ba ibreakdown kung anu-ano yung mga ginastos niyo? We’re planning to go there next week.
    BTW, this post helped a lot. Thank you.

  39. Hi!

    The van we rented was Php 4000, back and forth. We were 10 so that’s 400 each. Some other fees like the registration at camp 1 is 20 each. The parking is 50 I think. Packed lunch bought at Mcdo was around 100. So all in 600 siya. Hope that helps. It’s the transpo you would really spend on. The camp fees are vey minimal.

  40. hallo. I’m staying in Makati and tomorrow I’d like to do this trip. Maybe I need a taxi to reach the starting point. Where exactly should I ask him to pick me up? I’m alone. Can I do it by myself, in your opinion? I do regularly treks in Italy. Are the tracks well signed or is there risk to get lost?

  41. Hi Massimo. You will definitely have a hard time getting a cab to take you to the jump off point. This is in batangas, that’s 3hrs away from Manila. Why don’t you take a bus going to TERNATE, CAVITE? Go to LAWTON (you can tell the taxi to bring you to SAULOG BUS STATION) and then take that bus all the way until Ternate. When you get to Ternate, ask for jeepneys that will bring you to the DENR station in PICO DE LORO.

    You will have to register with the DENR. Um, you might get lost in some areas in Pico De Loro. I would highly suggest getting a guide. If this is your first time to hike to Pico, I don’t suggest you do it alone.

  42. hi…very informative site… thank you for sharing … my friends (11 to 13) are planning to go to pico at april 11 and we were all newbies in climbing and never had any experience or so… is it possible for us to climb by ourselves? or we have to find tour guides? do they( DENR ) offer tour guide? for how much? …… sorry for asking so many questions… we were like praying for this to happen… thank you for the info… Godbless

  43. Hi Leen. It can be dangerous to go there just by yourselves. I’m more cautious now of encouraging people to go on their own if they are new to this sport or have never climbed whatsoever. Recently, nagkaron ng accidente sa Batulao and it can be due to the fact that they were also first-timers. I would suggest you go to DENR and ask for a guide. That’s the best advice I can give you. For a group of 13, at least two para safe. And there are trails na pwede kayong mawala, so please do get a guide. One guide is around 300. If you need a guide to go with you, I can recommend one but he changes 100/head. Is that okay? He’ll help you. He’s our expedition leader and kabisado niya ang Pico by heart. Hope this helps.

  44. thank you for the reply KZ… do you think is it possible if i could contact you thru Cellphone? thank you and Godbless

  45. nice trek! i have doubts of climbing Pico because they say you really need a rope to climb the Parrot’s Beak and the rope was now gone today! So it is possible to climb it w/out the rope at all. BTW, is the trail itself straightforward or do i need a guide here? thanks

  46. You have to bring po a rope to get to the top. Although, it’s possible to climb it if you have a small built? hehe. I think that helped me without the rope. But please do bring one for safety :)

  47. ah, good thing i have small built. So hindi naman pala ganun kaimpossible akyatin un beak tulad ng mga nakikita q s pic & article..but we’ll try to bring one. How about the trail itself? Can it be done without guide?

  48. Unfortunately, medyo pwedeng maligaw sa Pico. May mga ligaw ng daan because some climbers or maybe even locals blazed through new trails that lead down to Marogondon. I’d suggest hiring a guide to be safe and sure. :)

  49. Did you guys use the new route? Last time I climb that mountain there was a new route. The old route going all the way down to nasugbu is the road less taken now since its more technical to climb

  50. And tama siya meron mga ligaw na daan sa Pico last time we were there marami ng path pero wala kaming guide eventually nagamit namen was the old route parang traverse na siya ngayon kasi matarik na unlike ung bagong gawang route na steady lang paakyat

  51. Yes, may mga ligaw na ngayon. In a separate blog, I wrote that we passed through some swampy area na I didn’t recall passing through before. ligaw nga. Fortunately, we backtracked agad.

  52. Haven’t done the new route; always the traditional. Is there a traverse, though? meron yung sa Marines trail.

  53. Hi Casa. How many are you? I can recommend my friend Joel Syyap, but that’s depending his availability. I’ll email you separately for his number so you can contact him. Ask nalang if he’s available. :)


  54. Hi Sheree. You can go to the Marine Base camp. Andun yung beach. I’m not sure what the fees are. Last I heard from a contact, 200/person daw entrance. Something like that. You can rent a cottage. :)

  55. Hi kz, i’m planning to celebrate my birthday next year with my friends sa pico. Meron ka po ba marerecommend na guide samin, mga 10 kami. And meron ka po ba marerecommend na resort na pwde namin pagstayan? Mga magkano po kaya gagastusin namin if magrerent kami ng van from u.n manila? Thanks! :))))

  56. Hi Gabbie! I can recommend a friend to you who guides for Pico de loro. I can email you his contact details. Also, the only resorts near Pico De Loro is the Ternate beach camp (Marines) and the Pico De loro resort, though I think that’s private. As for the van, I can also give you a contact number who can help you with that. I’m not in Manila anymore so I won’t be able to help you but I can refer people who can. Hope that helps. :)

  57. hi i like your blog! i wonder if we can go immediately to mt. pico de loro? kahit wlang contact sa DENR? kasi we are planning to go this monday na. may makukuha b kaming tour guide then?

  58. thank you:)) matagal na po kasing planu namin yan.. kaso we are wondoring if pwede direct na mgpunta?? hope youll help us thank you again:))

  59. mam sorry if ang dami kong tanung.. puro newbies po kasi kaming pupunta mosty girls pa.. 8 persons po kami aakyat. is it possible to get tourguide pagdating namin sa maragondon?? how much po kaya? that would be on nov 05 monday. wat time po kya kami dapat pumunta?

  60. Hi sarah. You can go, sure. But you’ll have to register pa din sa DENR. That’s also for your safety in case anything happens, your names are recorded at alam kung what time kayo umakyat. You can get a guide there. :)

  61. Let me ask if my friend Sir Joel can guide for you. This Monday na ba kayo aakyat? Are you from Manila? Do you already know your way to DENR station?

  62. actually hindi nga po, yes some of us are from manila but im from rosario cavite.. can i have the contact detail of your friend Sir Joel?? but if ever he’s not available can we get any tour guide at the denr station?? mura lng po ba? how much kaya it will cost?

  63. Hi KZ, we’re renting a van. The DENR office you’re pertaining to is the one in Cavite or in Batangas? What do we tell the van driver? To drop us off and pick us up at the DENR? I heard that the trail would start somewhere in Cavite then exit to somewhere Batangas.

  64. Hi Ace! the one i’m referring to is in Cavite. If you’re hiring a van, the van can actually park sa DENR station. I’m not sure how much the parking rates are now, but it’s not more than 50 I’m sure. The driver will just have to wait until you return. The trail starts a few meters away from the DENR station. Will you have a guide?

  65. Hi there! I ran by your blog while searching for places to stay around Mt. Palay.. I gather that you are a Christian and as one, myself, I like to say hi to my ‘sisters’ when I get a chance. Thanks for your blogs! Also, side note, if you know of a guide for my trek to this mountain, let me know! Thanks so much. ~Elizabeth

  66. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for the comment :) And yes, I am also a Christian. :) About your question, I do in fact know and can refer someone to you, a missionary-climber who is also our expedition leader in most of our treks. his name is Joel and I can email you his number and email address so you can directly communicate with him. By the way, may I know when you are planning to do this trek? Are you based in Manila or just visiting? Regards! – KZ

  67. Well, actually leaving the states today and will be mainly near Tagaytay for the rest of the week. Wanted to go to Mt. Palay Sunday or Monday. Can you see my email or do you need it? ~Elizabeth

  68. Yes, I can see it privately. I sent you an email through my gmail account. I’ve included in the loop two Christian friends of mine who can both assist you :)

  69. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing your pico De loro experience. Beautiful blog entry!

    I climbed pulag already and was wondering if you still recommend getting a guide for pico De loro?

    Also are there lots of people during weekends and holidays? I prefer hiking when there are less people.
    I’m planning on going soon this August. Do you recommend going around this time since it’s starting to ne rainy season? (especially cause I really won’t leave without climbing the peak) is it manageable if I bring a rope or still difficult to do? I’m not into gymnastics unlike you and I’m tall:(

    Also I’m having a problem since I can’t leave my puppy anywhere. Do you think I can bring her and leave her where the car is parked or at the campsite? Are they even allowed?

    Thanks for sharing your experience! Would appreciate a reply :)

  70. Hi Jackie!

    First of all, thanks for reading.

    To answer your questions, a guide is always advisable when climbing, especially if you’re climbing the mountain for the first time. I often go to Pico on Thursdays –wala kasing tao masyado pag ganun. But I always have people with me kasi dangerous din talaga. Rule of the mountains: never go alone. I call it the Aron Ralston effect (127 hours) hehe.

    As for the weather, medyo unpredictable naman so sometimes tatama that it will rain. I won’t advise going up if the weather is bad, just because there are “ligaw” places in Pico now, and because the rock outcrop is more madulas. If you must bring rope, would you know how to use it, like with the proper knot tying? So I would advise a guide nga :-)

    As for the puppy, bring him along so she can do some stretching. hehe. Otherwise, no place to leave her except in DENR station and baka mawala lang yung puppy mo. better not bring her, then.

    Hope this answers your questions. Regards! :-)

  71. hi.. I’ll be climbing pico this nov 3. actually im a newbie in this. do u think i can survive? well. im with a group of mountaineers but my concern would be muy endurance. i did jogging for a couple of days now but i still have a feeling that my body is not ready for it. this blog helped me a lot and it made me more excited to climb. actually this is my dream mountain! Also, i have a small built so do you think I can climb those steep part and big rocks? whats the hardest part of the climb?

    thanks!! <3

  72. Juliene Jao
    hi.. I’ll be climbing pico this nov 3. actually im a newbie in this. do u think i can survive? well. im with a group of mountaineers but my concern would be muy endurance. i did jogging for a couple of days now but i still have a feeling that my body is not ready for it. this blog helped me a lot and it made me more excited to climb. actually this is my dream mountain! Also, i have a small built so do you think I can climb those steep part and big rocks? whats the hardest part of the climb?

    thanks!! <3

  73. Apologies for the late reply Julienne. Kaya naman siya if you have been training for endurance. Just the usual safety considerations: have a guide with you, do not go off alone, and if you think you cannot climb the peak, don’t do it for safety. :-)

  74. hi pag ba kumuha kame ng guide provided na niya rope for the parrot beak? saka hindi po ba naubusan ng guide DENR? thank you

  75. Hi. I am planning to climb Pico De Loro this third week of december. mahilig kami magadventure at pumunta sa iba’t-ibang lugar ng wife ko, pero hindi pa namin nattry na mag mountain climbing. as i search the net, napagdisisyunan ko na dito kami pupunta. is it advisable for a newbie like us to climb without a guide (gusto kasi ng wife ko na kami lang magkasama eh. hehe). hindi ba kami maliligaw sa pag.akyat kung walang guide? thank you and god bless. :)

  76. hi kz.we are only 3 going on jan 12 for daytrek. you might have a group where we can join… love your post! made me more interested and excited to go….

  77. or is there a guide you can recommend to us…for jan 12 :-) and if there is available, any idea how much? thanks..

  78. Hi Melissa,

    The only guide I know and usually refer is out with an injury. Maybe you can go to Pico and ask the DENR station for guides?

  79. ah ok..are there always available guide at DENR station? :-) am excited and this is my first activity for 2014…

  80. I’m not so sure now, but you can try googling for the number of DENR in Marogondon/Cavite/Pico de loro and see if they have guides available. :)

  81. Hi kz…
    I read your blog last night.. and its so interesting and very informative :) tomorrow we will going there at pico.. so exciting :) pwede po b dun ang foreign? My in bro. In law is very excited n nga eh..sana pwede sya :) and one more ques. Do u think po ba the falls there is still good? :) thank u

  82. Hi Jhen,

    My apologies for this late reply. I think by now you’ve already gone to Pico? How was it? :)

    Sometimes, the waterfalls dry up so I can’t say.. Of course pwede foreigner. Kahit sino pwede :-)

  83. Hi Kz, i just read all the information above. But still i want to know sana if ano ung prefer mong recommend na dapat dalhin sa pag climb?? it was my first time to climb, pero medyo sanay ako sa lakaran.. Ask ko lang ung mga dapat at consider na dadalhin??? thanks. God Bless..

  84. Hello Edz,

    Are you asking about the gears or what to bring up the summit or on the trek? Have enough water, at least 2L of water. Wear a cap, always have headlamp in case you do night trek, and keep enough trail food in your pack. :-)

  85. HI KZ,
    newbie here. actually it will be my first climb.
    My problem is im the only person from dasma.
    Is there any means of transportation from dasma to ternate.?
    thank you in advance…

  86. Hi Mark,

    My apologies for this late reply. To be honest, I don’t know how to commute from Dasma to Ternate. Sorry :-(

  87. hello po ms KZ. we are planning to climb pico de loro on april 19 and i have a map osmand on my android na meron trail at nakalagay mga wrong way. Ang tanong ko po, aandar kaya ung GPS while trekking?

    salamat po.

  88. Hi KZ, can you please help us to connect with people who will be climbing Pico de Loro, my sister and I been wanting to do this climb but we don’t want to just go by ourselves. Nea’s date (April 19) is ideal for us, maybe we can join her group? Or if you know another, please let me know. thanks, Yolly

  89. Hi Yolly! I’m not sure who I can refer you to since I don’t know if any from my group are going climbing on your date. I will email Nea and ask if she’s okay to have someone along. :-)

  90. Hi Nea! Would you be interested in having some people along on your climb? There are some inquiries in my blog asking for people to climb with. Just curious. :-)

  91. Hi Kz! your post was very helpful! planning to climb pico this weekend. It’s going to be my first time, so I would really appreciate it if you can give me contact # of any guide you know? :)

  92. Hi Erika,

    The contact person I know doesn’t do tours anymore because he’s currently injured. Perhaps you can visit Traildadventours? It’s headed by Coby Sarreal. They will be able to help you out. :)

  93. Hi guys,

    Ask ko lang kung advisable ba magdala ng kotse papunta sa pico de loro or mag commute nalang? concern ko kasi yung road papunta kung kaya ng kotse. salamat

  94. Hi! I know you can park the car by DENR. You’ll just pay for the parking fee. As far as security goes, don’t want to liable for whatever info I’ll give but from experience, we always went there with private vehicles. :)

  95. salamat pag reply Kz. Hindi po ba matarik ang kalsada papunta dun? so far safe naman mgiwan ng kotse based on your experience?

  96. Yes, hindi naman. Madali lang hanapin yung DENR. May parking space sila sa loob ng compound so siguro double safety na din lang –make sure locked lahat, etc. :)

  97. Anybody going on Nov. 29 or Dec. 6? We’re looking for kasabays. We want to hire a guide but from what I gathered it’s not really necessary. Still we wish there was someone experienced to go with us :)

  98. hi po!!

    need some advice lang po .

    first timer lang po kami .
    balak po sana naming magpunta ng mga friends ko sa pico de loro this coming sunday , january 18, 2015.

    any good advice po ???

    may dala din po kaming sasakyan.
    safe po bang mag park sa parking nila dun ???

    asap po thnx po .. :D

  99. Hi po miss KZ. :)

    My friends and I plan to go hiking din sa Mt. Pico. But the thing is, pupunta po kami sa resort din mismo ng Pico de Loro and nakita ko sa site nila na temporary unavailable yung service nilang pang-hike sana. Is there any way na makakapag-hike kami from external affairs?

    Thanks po in advance.

  100. Hi Allie. I’m sure you can ask the resort to arrange a transport for you to get to DENR. Kahit i drop off lang nila kayo dun. But make sure lang you have a guide if first timers. :)

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