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Gummy’s “As a Man” (MV) is LOVE :)

I love everything about this MV. I love the song, I love the message, and I love both the acting and the undeniable chemistry of Kim Hyun Joong (SS501/Boys over Flowers) and singer turned actress Jung Ryeo Won. Gummy who releases her 2nd album following a 2-year hiatus, is back with a vengeance.

The story is actually simple. Forced to live under the same roof, Hyun Joong and Ryeo Won adjust to each other’s lifestyle. Eventually, romance unfolds and their relationship deepens as they spend time together. But it also shows the side of a man (Hyun Joong) who is afraid to commit, and the side of a woman (Ryeo Won) who waits on him.

I found myself singing along (repeatedly listening/watching the MV) and (no surprise here), crying in some parts. They’re so cute together, this story is believable. I’m actually impressed at how simple the storyline was, and yet it didn’t lack in anything.

Watch the video here, it’s beautiful :)


2 thoughts on “Gummy’s “As a Man” (MV) is LOVE :)

  1. KZ, this is one of my fav MV of KHJ….. I love the simplicity of the MV that speaks such huge volume to many of our hearts…In the end, he realizes his love for Ryeo Won surpasses his fear for commitment. This should be the way…Guys, listen up!!!!

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