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A tribute to my Bridge crossers

The truth that people come and go always hits home to me. Having weathered a few broken relationships has taught me that people, even friends, aren’t always going to be there. Some leave because circumstances call for it. Others, because of a choice. Still others, just because. Whatever category they fall under would always hurt, in varying degrees. And through the years I’ve taught my heart to come to terms with this truth. When people choose to leave, I let them. When relationships end, I resign them to die a natural death. It’s just a continuous cycle of life. And I try to make it a point to consider these departures and closed chapters as water under the bridge. That way, it’s easier to get on with life.

It wasn’t always consistent, especially with some people. There are times I’d fight to keep a certain relationship, and it’s because I see so much value in keeping it intact. I’m a fighter. I never let people go off the hook that easily. When I know I can still fight for a relationship, I give a hundred percent and I wear my heart on the sleeve. But we get to a point where the efforts we put into something or someone don’t seem enough anymore. Keeping relationships is hard work. And sometimes, we’ve reached the dead end.

So the first realization I make a day after I turn 25 is about burning bridges and letting people go. I don’t want to carry any baggage at the start of my new year. People come and go and it’s a fact of life. Instead of trying to fight it, I will embrace it and be thankful instead for the people that are still in my life.

I always say that everything in life ought to be intentional. You want a great lasting friendship? You work at it. You never take it for granted. That’s the principle I’ve always lived by. I value the people that are in my life and because I do, I am intentional. I give time.

But I will also burn bridges when the situation calls for it. Some friends have chosen to move on. Well then let them. The world will not end with their departure. Some people I am also inclined to let go, because keeping the relationship isn’t worth it anymore. It’s amazing how easily people can disassociate and distance themselves from us when we begin to hold up our end of the bargain. What I mean is, friendship is two-way. One cannot keep on giving. When we start articulating our needs, people withdraw.

So this post is a tribute to all the people who are in my life and who are fighting with me to keep it that way. Thank you for holding up your end of the bargain we call friendship. Not everyone is blessed to have this kind of friendship, and so I’m thankful because you choose to stay and weather life with me. I love you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are my bridge crossers. :)

3 thoughts on “A tribute to my Bridge crossers

  1. I agree with your post. People come and People Go. But through these tough times and through the years… you will know your real friends who will never leave you.

  2. i’ve heard many times before that in life the only constant is change. things continue to evolve even if we resist change. under the circumstances, we’ve got no choice but to embrace it.

    you’re right. relationships do come and go. the more we realize that nothing is permanent, the more we learn to appreciate these relationships while they’re still around.

    is that your twin sister in the picture with you? i guess you’re not identical twins. :)

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