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A reminder that’s never too late: Always lock your car and taxi doors!

This was quite a revelation to me. I know that sometimes our streets can really be dangerous, but I didn’t actually think it was that dangerous. However, after witnessing an incident yesterday at EDSA, I was sold:  It is dangerous, and blatant! Being alert and forewarned is the best offense. Always.

So we were inside the car and we were on our way to Edsa Shangrila Mall to unwind and, right, for the aircon, since the rest of Metro Manila do not have electricity. It was around three in the afternoon and it was a little traffic. As cars were slowly moving, (but still moving) suddenly there were these two boys, probably around 10 or 11, who came out of nowhere and ran towards a cab. It happened for just a few seconds. They managed to open the door of the cab, with the passenger unaware of what was happening. But the cab moved away and the boys fortunately didn’t manage to grab anything.

I was speechless. In broad daylight, and with cars everywhere with the possibility of hitting those two boys!

So as a reminder to everyone, including myself as I ride a cab everyday, “lock your doors as soon as you get in.” Get the plate number, store it in your phone and text it to somebody for whatever. And be alert. The driver I was with this morning told me that incidents like that are all too common in EDSA. The boys are after the driver’s stash of money tucked away near the steering wheel. Sometimes they’re lucky to get a passenger’s bag as well. They’ve reported it to the authorities, but nothing has been done yet.

I hope the ‘authorities’ are not in cahoots with these boys.


4 thoughts on “A reminder that’s never too late: Always lock your car and taxi doors!

  1. weeh! Blog mates na tayo? haha I’ll follow you too! Mwah! :) Hey, wait for my text this weekend. Hope you guys are free :)

  2. Matagal na daw to ginagawa eh. I don’t know if they call this bukas taxi gang. Or something like that. hehe.

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