Cynic, or me saying, “I should know.”

You know what, some people are really just full of it, noh?

Hopes about perfect love, watching the sunset, I love you notes, “we’ll fight this together”, “you and me against the world” —makes me sick.

Grow up. Love is so much more than just sunset viewing and holding hands.

You can hold hands and not (feel or be in) love. You can watch the sunset and not view it the same way.

3 thoughts on “Cynic, or me saying, “I should know.”

  1. We should know *winks*

    Soon they’ll realize everything, in their own pace and time. Until then, let them be :)

    I link a blog similar to this. Tis my blog actually. Haha.

    Anyway, I hope everything is well. God bless :)

  2. “Love is so much more than just sunset viewing and holding hands.”

    true, indeed. but these acts are like the spark plugs that start the engine and incline people to be a couple. the world population will go extinct without romance. sparks do fade away quickly as well as the sweet nothings given and shared. it’s the memories and the commitment to each other that make the relationship lasts.

  3. I don’t hate romance, to make it clear. I know it starts there, and once in a relationship, you work at it to keep the spark. I guess I just hate too much romance. HAHA. Hearing it endlessly from people as though romance is the point of love.

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