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The thing is…

It doesn’t upset me when I hear about someone who knows you. It doesn’t really upset me that they give me updates about you from time to time, even when unsolicited, because what do they care if we don’t see or talk to each other anymore? None of the world cares about that right now. It just kinda annoys me that you and I belong in the same world. You get my drift? Anak ng tipaklong! You and I belong in the same world! We may be separated by distance, by geography, and by the fact that I never want to be in the same distance and geography as you, but life has this strange ability of not only making the distance and geography irrelevant, but of also making us closer than we’d like.

Ironic, right? So it’s a good thing it’s not only distance and geography that separate us. Hindi naman tayo magkatulad, diba? You and I are two completely different and opposite characters. We don’t think the same way, or speak the same way. We also don’t value the same things. I value honesty, you value… never mind. So it doesn’t bother or upset me anymore that I hear about you.

The thing is, whether you and I live in the same world, we have our own separate lives to live. So here’s to a cherished separation, and a good (physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual) distance at that!



2 thoughts on “The thing is…

  1. ack ang taray.. calm down sis ^^;; pero like I always say you can’t avoid these people. Even though you think you have and already told them to butt off, they won’t.. >_<

  2. Hehe you mean back off? :P

    Hehe. Calm nga ako…calm na calm. hehe. Napa anak ng tipaklong lang ako sa mga pangyayari :p

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