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Freedom IS happiness :)

The truth is, things have never been more clear to me than they are now. So many things make sense that I’m careful enough not to argue or question them anymore because I would only be complicating the truth. In a nutshell, the truth is that you and I never really worked. And I’m happy to say that I find peace in knowing that fact, because it not only sets me free from all the unanswered questions I might have imposed on myself, it also sets me free from any lingering emotions I might have on the past. Which is that there is none anymore. There is only the present.

And to be honest, I love that I’m free. I’m happy with the way things are, whether that’s any important to you. And I love that freedom ties in with happiness. If you’re free, then you’re happy. Freedom does that. It gives us a sense of peace and joy from being released from past entanglements. Nothing weighs you down. Nothing tears you apart. Nothing imprisons you. Freedom :-)

So don’t you worry about me. Things have never been more clear to me. And I’ve never been this much happy. :-)


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