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In need of a better perspective

These two things annoy me right now:

  1. The fact that people, instead of rejoicing over Venus Raj’s achievement placing fourth runner-up in the recent Ms. Universe, are putting her down by making her the subject of too many jokes.
  2. The way Hong Kong nationals are reacting towards Filipinos as though every single Filipino or the 90 million Filipinos are at fault for last Monday’s hostage situation.

So many people can have such misplaced passions and anger, it’s easy to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to these things. But I’m annoyed.

First of all, Venus deserves our praise for getting as far as she did in the contest. She was favored to win and sure, some say she would have won the crown had she answered favorably that last question. I say favorably because when you think about it, the question is really more subjective. There is no right or wrong answer to it. It was personal, so the way she answered it was honest and with good intentions. The question asked to her was, “What is one big mistake that you have made in your life and what did you do to make it right?”

While I admit her answer was pretty akward, if you listen closely, she was getting somewhere but just wasn’t able to articulate her thoughts well. She wanted to say, if I should interpret, that she hasn’t committed a MAJOR mistake yet [and] she owes that to the support of her family [presumably, who raised her well and has been with her through every struggle.] If I interpreted it correclty, that’s how it would sound.

The thing is, people can really be so critical and judgemental. So she lost the crown, but she still placed fourth. Move on. Stop criticizing her. If you were in her position, how would you have answered that? Even American journalists found that question difficult to answer. (Though forgive me, I know I would have answered that easily given my extemporanous speech background). Even the calls for her to have used an interpreter is annoying. She didn’t use an interpreter, and felt she didn’t need one. That’s that!

Pinoys are fond of magnifying a seemingly minor mistake. It’s not like her life depended on it. So I would advise everyone, unless your English is way off the charts and able to get you 100 percent in a proficiency exam, to zip it and let her be.

Secondly, the hostage crisis aftermath unfolds rather unpleasantly. Nasty, the way we are being mocked and treated, as though one man’s sin is our own. I don’t know how true the news are that Filipino maids are being sacked in Hong Kong, but if that’s any true (and I should like to hear news about that), then Hong Kong isn’t any better than us.

They seem to think we’re enjoying all these, I want to burst their bubbles and say this isn’t our idea of a harmonious diplomatic relations. They’ve marched to the streets in protest to our supposed inadequacies, but aren’t we doing the best that we can? We’re a soverign state; we nor our leaders shouldn’t be dictated upon. Yes, we sympathize and grieve with the victims. What else can we do as citizens? But to be subjects of so many of their misplaced angers (throwing expletives at Aquino’s Facebook, hacking three of our government websites, reportedly sacking our domestic helpers), I don’t know which country is more civilized or harmonious for that matter.

This is an appeal: Stop making things more complicated than they already are. We are fully aware of the inadequacies. Something’s gotta give. Systems will have to pay. People will need to be accountable. But let us DO OUR JOB and don’t make our country the target of your unwanted discrimination.

I’m annoyed. People seriously need a better perspective on things.


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