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Run for your score!

Let me make a disclaimer first: I was prepared and ready to take my IELTS Speaking test, come what may. While I did not review for it (it’s a speaking test, and unless you recently joined a Toastmaster’s session, there would be very little preparation to do to improve one’s speaking), I did prepare the… Continue reading Run for your score!

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I’m published! (Youngblood Article: Nakagagalit)

I opened my cellphone and I got three texts, one from my friend Meryll, another from my aunt and another from my Lola. Apparently, I was unaware that I was published in today’s Youngblood column, Opinion section in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. This was on the recent hostage crisis. To read the link, click here or… Continue reading I’m published! (Youngblood Article: Nakagagalit)