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And just when you think chivalry is dead…

Because the post feels so modernly 'princess-y', here I am :)

While the concept of a knight in shining armor may be hard to find these days, the practice of chivalry is far from dead, at least to some men. I love how I still get surprised by those little chivalrous acts and I especially love how men, even those who you don’t know, put their best foot forward to help a lady.

And I couldn’t be more happy about that. It only goes to show that there are still men out there who know how to treat a lady properly.

I was out doing some errands today after lunch. The weather was starting to turn bad when I arrived in my destination. A few minutes later, it started to rain. Having not anticipated the weather, I didn’t bring an umbrella. Now I was far from the entrance to where I could hail a cab. I thought to myself, maybe I would just wait for the rain to subside, but I was really hoping it would subside fast because I had to get back to the office. One of the officers who was manning the grounds walked up to me, probably sensing my predicament. He didn’t have an umbrella on him but he did have his walkie-talkie. So he radioed to the guard in front to get me a cab and he even told me, “sa panahon na ito, mahirap po magkasakit. Diyan nalang po muna kayo sa tabi, kukuha nalang namin kayo ng taxi.” After a few minutes, they were able to get me a cab. He opened the door for me, got me my things and even told the driver, “paki-ingatan po si Ma’am.”

Now that was just a class act, don’t you think? It was a simple act of chivalry but so well-received on my end. There was respect, courtesy and protection, and methinks if all men were like that, we would have happy ladies feeling like princesses everyday.

And my encounter with chivalry didn’t end there. When I got back to the office, this elderly man opens my door and helps me unload my things. By then the weather had gone back to sunny, and I noticed that even my disposition was sunny. I was all smiles.

I may not know any of these men, but I sure am thankful they know me as a lady. So who said chivalry is dead? I heard someone say it’s only on life support, and even if it were, I’d gladly take it! :-)


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