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Taxi encounters #1: Hill or hell?

My taxi driver this morning was so perky and full of energy.

So he was singing this Tagalog religious song and asked me, “anong relihiyon mo?” (What’s your religion?) I said, “Christian po. Baptist.” And then he goes, “Ah, anong mga kanta niyo dun? Meron ba kayong Purihin ang Diyos?” (What songs do you sing? Do you have Purihin and Diyos?”) I told him that although I know the song as I’ve heard it sung in Catholic masses, we don’t sing it in church and our songs are different and mostly in English. And then he goes, “Ikaw pala ay isang malansang isda. Diba sabi ni Rizal, Ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, higit pa sa mabaho at malansang isda.” I wanted to take offense but I’m sure he doesn’t really know me so I just laughed it off and said, “Manong, hindi porket marunong mag ingles ang isang Pilipino eh hindi na siya Pilipino o hindi niya mahal ang kaniyang wika.” I didn’t actually know if that did justice to my explanation, which, if translated, would go like this: Just because somebody speaks in English does not make him less of a Filipino. And then he asked me what songs I sing in church. I mentioned hymns and also Christian bands like Hillsong. And then he said, “Hill song? Hill? Yung demonyo? Yun ang kinakanta niyo?”

Errr, iba naman kasi manong ang hill sa hell. :P


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