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Peace in the face of Chaos

It overwhelms me when I consider the things I must do in these four days before I leave for my sister’s wedding in KL and end this 9-day vacation in Singapore with my family. Needless to say, my heart is overly excited for what is to come. Not only will the first wedding in the family happen, (my sister being the eldest apo and first to get married), this wedding will also reunite me with someone I truly miss: my mom. My mom, as I write, is on her way to Singapore, while my brother is flying back to Manila and arriving tomorrow. Reunions always excite me. And of course I also can’t wait for the books I’m sure my brother is bringing home after his two month vacation in the US. It sure is fun to belong to a family of readers! And meryll, you will get your Moleskin soon!

When I woke up today and finished my BSF notes, I was glad that contained in the passages we are studying today, Isaiah 25-27, is one of my favorite verses, Isaiah 26:3 which says, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Never is that verse more true and apt to me than today. God must certainly know that I need a reminder of this verse to put me in the right perspective as I deal with things I must settle before I leave. Notice what the verse says. He will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is “stayed on thee”, or in NIV it says, “him who is steadfast”. And while preparing for my lesson in BSF, one of the questions that was asked of us was, “What is a steadfast mind and what are its benefits?”

Before I answer that, let me tell you first what a chaotic, stressful day looks like for me. A day of long meetings, tons of paperwork and report, rushing deadlines, paying bills that are overdue, doing last minute errands to the bookstore and the mall, commuting in the worst Manila traffic and raining at that, and feeling feverish and sickly. I can’t imagine what that day looks and feels like but I’ve been there and I’ve been to many other stressful days. Do you know what kept me sane and going? It was a prayer that morning and all the moments in between. It reminded me of what this verse tells us that when our mind is steadfast and focused on God, we are given perfect peace, the kind of peace that does not make sense in chaos. That means that no matter what happens throughout the day, we don’t lose sight of God and we keep His Word close to us.

And that’s what a steadfast mind is: One that is consistently trusting God, ever enduring; one that keeps going in the face of trials and difficulties. A steadfast mind is undisturbed by her surrounding but is focused on the Lord. A steadfast mind is one that knows for certain that God is present and God is with her.

And in the face of some very daunting tasks I must do this week, I am assured that I will reap the benefit of a steadfast mind: a perfect peace. A peace that says, “Okay Lord, I trust you in this chaos. You are in control.”

What a blessed promise to keep with me as I start this morning! May you also have a blessed, promise-filled day today :)


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