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Mt. Maculot (Rockies) in December

Mt. Maculot seemed like a fitting end to my climbs this year. 10 mountains both major and minor climbs, but I was looking for a quiet, cool place to unwind with friends, and Maculot fit the bill. (Intro climb for Kay, JL, Rey and Claire)

Maculot was cold and windy, but it was exactly how I wanted it. We started really early to give us enough leeway for other activities in Cuenca, Batangas, such as eating their famous Lomi and Batangas Goto. Everyone knows I’m not the adventurous eater, so I don’t have much to say about that. But as for this climb, what I liked about this was being able to convince my best friend Kay to join us in this easy trek. There’s always something new to do with friends. So I introduced them to my passion. I loved this climb :-) check out the pictures and the videos below. My friends are crazy fun :)

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