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Pahinga sa Tabing Ilog

Just the perfect place to withdraw and pray

As the name of the rest house implies, spending time here will give anyone the best kind of rest and an added bonus: katabi mo pa ang ilog. I was desperately looking for a place outside the metro where I can withdraw and pray quietly. I did find one nestled quietly in this barangay in Liyang, Pilar, Bataan called Pahinga sa Tabing Ilog retreat House and I was more than happy when I found out that the place was available for me. In fact, I was the only guest! Pahinga is inside Salaya Farm and the owner of the place is Atty Federico Pascual, then President of GSIS and built by his wife, an architect.

Everything in this place is well preserved and maintained by the caretakers. The best thing was actually being alone in a house that was perfect for my need. I just had to be away for a day and the place gave me what I needed – a time out with God. Just imagine waking up the sound of the river and the birds and at night seeing fireflies by your window :) I recommend this place for those who want to escape for some reflection. It’s affordable, accessible (my first ever solo commute to a province!) and a perfect excuse to get out of the city :) It’s also just a few minutes’ walk to Mt. Samat.

I went there because I had so many things I needed to pour out to God and the house wasn’t the ideal place for me. I needed to get away from the very place that always wounds me – the home. It’s funny because home is where we should feel safe, protected. But home to me has been a battlefield. Desperate, I prayed to God to grant me a place just for Him and me where I can cry my heart out,  pour out my hurts to him, and I be healed for all the heartbreaks this year.

Going there

If you want to go to Pahinga, you can check their website which I linked to this post. Commuting there is easy. Take the Genesis Bus either in Cubao or Pasay that travels to Balanga-Mariveles, and go down Brgy. Ala Uli, Total Gas Station. From there, take a tricycle and tell the drive to drop you off to Salaya Farm.

This personal retreat is an experience I will never forget. Not only because I traveled by myself for the first time. It was because God met me where I was. I was hurting and he met the ache. And I love that He is my Father, my Savior, my Protector, My friend, and the only one that can truly heal me. A blessed, blessed time with God. I was able to write like I’ve never written in my journal. I was able to read and sing out loud and cry without the fear of being seen or heard. It was spiritually recharging as it was physically refreshing. Here are some pictures I took of the place :)


3 thoughts on “Pahinga sa Tabing Ilog

  1. hi… I’m looking for a place for my husband…I found your comment on the dite of Pahinga. He’s looking for a place where he can get away with everythng…do some one on one with HIM, soul searchng and rejuvinate. Do you thnk he can find it in this place? Or can you suggest some place that you know? Thanks

  2. Hi Shirley. If his purpose is to get away and really find a quiet place to meditate, to think, to pray, I think this place is suitable, because it’s really away from everything. It’s a good place to escape to. Quiet, secluded and peaceful. I think the place is secondary though. If his heart naman is really seeking God, kahit saang place naman He can do that. But this environment will give him the quiet he needs. :) If you want to check another place, do visit the Prayer Mountain in Tanay, Rizal. :) – KZ

  3. Hi, I would like to inquire how much will be the cost for 5 days stay. Would appreciate if you can give me more details. Thanks

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