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I’ll let the punctuations explain this week for me.

[ ! ] An unexpected surprise had me jumping for joy this end of the week. All surprises work that way but this was really one GOOD surprise that I did not at all see coming. Just when I was making some plans and calculating life a.k.a trying to have a clean start by settling some obligations, here was God with a big gift and a note that says, “because you need an exclamation point to end your week, and because I love you!” Thank you, Lord, you never fail to surprise those who trust you!

[ … ] It really irritates me when a set time is not followed. When a meeting is called at a specific time and people come in an hour and a half later —that is NOT good and I have every reason to be upset. This week, I had a lot of … moments and I wished people were just more considerate of other people’s time.

[ . ] We have moments in life when everything is just precise, everything is just expected. And where everything is “expected” life becomes dull, boring, routinary and final. Opposite to an exclamation point is a dead, lifeless period. And I think I’ve hit that dull period in some of my acquaintances and relationships. What used to be brimming with life and excitement has now become dull and boring. We don’t get excited anymore and the relationship, regardless of its length and depth, has reached that period. The week has been an eye opener for me as I evaluate the almost non-existent relationships I have with some people, and I think it’s safe to say that they’ve reached their ‘conclusion.’ Game over. Period.

[ : ] One thing I really hate is a lack of definition. A colon means that something needs to be defined or labeled or articulated. Like Job description: Progam officer. I work on programs that help local governments address the problems of Education. I rub elbows with Mayors and Governors and I’m trying to complete a wall of Famous personalities. Status: (now this is tricky). Employed. Content. Single. Makes me think if I should separate the last two. See, life is a constant colon to many of us, and I felt it more this week. We try to determine and label things as they are, but in the process, we sometimes feel they don’t really say much. Or, they don’t really say what’s true. And I’m there. I’m in that place where I have a lot of questions about my status. Working, yes, but growing? Single, yes, but content? Gifted, yes, but able to use it?

So that’s how it’s been for me. An exclamation point, an ellipsis, a period and a colon. What was your week like?


Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. – Proverbs 3:5-6

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