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The world has lots of them, try 7 billion or the estimated figure of 6,768,181,146. They come in a varierty of color and size, belong to different ethnic and racial lineages, have different religious convictions, personal preferences, social standings, political orientations and the like. They are complicated and intricately designed just as the human body is, and you can trust that no one is ever the same as the other, even twins.

Just how do we define people?

Dictionaries tell us that ‘people’ refers to any group of human beings (men or women or children) collectively; the citizens of a political unit, such as a nation or state; the electorate; family, relatives, or ancestors; persons with regard to their residence, class, profession, or group; and a body of persons sharing a culture.

There are many definitions but I have a particular bias with how the Bible defines people (persons, human beings) and in a very personal way.

God’s creation. Nay, the crown of his creation. Man and woman. Made in God’s own image. Beautifully and wonderfully made. Fallen. Sinners short of God’s glory. Separated from God until reconciled through Jesus. Flawed but loved by God to the point of death. Rebellious. Does his own way. Shuns the light. Unrighteous. Impure. Alienated. Still loved. Still important. Still pursued.

The order by which I wrote the descriptions are deliberate. People started out as ‘good’ but fell as a result of pride and not trusting in their Creator. From then on, man has made every complicated mess possible and here we are, people flawed and so in need of mercy.

People are complicated and go about their own selfish ways. Today is the day I write about people and their flaws and their imperfections and the fact that everyone seems to have ‘his own way’ to life. You can define people in your own terms: family, close friends, acquaintances, Facebook friends, people you meet on chance encounters, colleagues, neighbors, people who share the same hobby —but you can also define them (and me) in one very basic and telling definition: sinners.

And because of that, people are bound to hurt other people. Just the other day a bomb exploded inside a bus that resulted to 5 people dead and more than 10 critically wounded. This is the result of sinful men who go about their own ways. They think they can kill at will and not be bothered by the fact that they are killing their own kind.

On a lighter note (or maybe not), there are those that hurt you by mistreating you. Men and women alike. Men, oh men. How you play with your words and toy with women’s feelings. How luscious and sweet your words are on the outside, but so empty on the inside. And women, oh women, how you lead men on, demand to be a priority, try to call the shots.

See everyone tries to go about his own way, living his own life the best way they know how. But when we go back to the first definition of people in the Bible, which is that we are God’s creation, we stop.

God’s creation. Has it ever dawned on you that you were created so uniquely and wonderfully by God, and for a purpose far greater than your own? When you ‘create’ something, you have a special design for your creation. In the same way that phones are created for communication, or pencils are for drawing, so are humans created for a unique purpose. It follows, because we are the ‘created’, and not the creator. We do not go about our way as we please, otherwise we would be destroying the purpose we were made for and we will not follow the correct order of things. And a creator always LOVES his creation. He never just creates for nothing. People were NOT created to kill each other, or hurt each other, or tear each other apart. People were created to love God, firstly, and to love one another. That has always been the order of things.

So as I try to understand the complexities of every person I meet, including my own, I go back to that basic definition: Created by God in his image, to love Him and to love others. It sounds simple, but it really is not. People around us hurt us, in big and little ways. But that does not change the fact that we are God’s creation, created to love God and others.

5 thoughts on “People

  1. as i started reading this, i thought to myself, oh, she’s being cynical again, only to realize later that i was mistaken. this is actually a positive piece. well done, kz…

  2. It was a good time to rest and recharged after my exams. i will share more about it in the emails…. take care :)

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