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Bullet thoughts: “Oo, madaldal ako. May angal?”

So far that’s been one of the most hilarious and honest statuses I’ve posted on FB. I mean, seriously, if you’re going to comment on the fact that I really talk a lot, you’ll just hear more of it if an explanation is needed. :P Which I’m pretty sure by now you won’t need because you’ll know right away that I’m just that way :-) And reading these posts give you a ‘pattern’ of how I think and reflect, and also of what I mostly think on and reflect about :) So I’m posting some of the things I’ve been saying, with the hope that you will also find nuggets of wisdom somewhere.

  • It’s actually very simple when you think about it. Men initiate. Women respond. Going against that order complicates things. And spare me your confused feminist ideals. Pursuit, romance and the idea of a chase excite the woman in me. :-)
  • Thinks you can’t blame the world for everything that happens to you. You have to give a little credit to your stupidity sometimes.
  • Okay, I just encountered two of the most annoying people in the planet. What a nightmare when people don’t make sense and yet insist they do.
  • Yet you spared me from two storms —one in the world and one in my heart. How can I not praise you?
  • Why don’t you make ‘being personal’ a habit?
  • Things I love to no end —reading in silence, writing in silence, and reverent silence.
  • I did something fun tonight. I was a kid all over again with Meryll Sarco, wiling away time at the church playground, down the slides and up the monkey bars. Never lose the kid in you. :)
  • has a gazillion thoughts running through her mind now and I would love to put all of them to rest. This is mental exhaustion. I’m tired of thinking. Pwede ba for a day maging bobo?
  • Reminds women not to stress themselves out with the boys of this world. They’re not worth our make up :-)
  • Was reminded of an important truth after watching Wallstreet. The Bible has always been right when it said that the love of money is the root of all evil.
  • cannot imagine a life –her life, without God.
  • knowing how independent you’ve become over the years can really be scary sometimes. Even I need to pause and tell myself there are people looking out for me, too.
  • While the concept of a Knight in shining armor may be hard to find these days, the practice of chivalry is far from dead, at least to some men. I love how I still get surprised by those little chivalrous acts and I especially love how men, even those who you don’t know, put their best foot forward to help a lady. :-)
  • If you really want to get to know a person, trust me, Facebook is NOT the way to do it.
  • As a general rule, if you’re going to help, and offer to do so, do it without conditions.
  • KZ and her companions were treated by their boss to a pair of shoes each for a job well-done! Weeh! It feels good to be home :-)
  • Uso maging ususero? (On the masa present at the crime scene of the the hostage taking crisis)
  • Round table Discussion on Environmental Management was overwhelming! It seems that the gravity of the environmental problems plaguing our country has not been fully grasped. It’s an honor to be in the presence of the personalities I was with this morning, not to mention they had to discuss (and grill me for) the paper I wrote for World Bank.
  • For some reason, admitting that you can’t please everybody gives me comfort.
  • For without trust, a relationship, any relationship, fails.
  • Oh chivalry, you are such a beautiful thing. While jogging at Salcedo park tonight, a (cute, cute) guy comes up to me and hands me a hanky. Because it happened while I was running, I politely said “no thanks”, and as I was moving away from him, he shouts “you can do it babe.” Napa smile nalang ako like this :-)
  • I think i’ll just end this with my title: Oo, madaldal ako. May angal? :)

2 thoughts on “Bullet thoughts: “Oo, madaldal ako. May angal?”

  1. I don’t believe in those signs. Do they have any bearing on our personalities? Something tells me wala :-)

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