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Surprise! :D

What is it about surprises that we like?

Today, my dad emailed me and said he’d be happy to buy that book that I wanted since I posted it a few weeks ago, Aron Ralston’s Between a Rock and a Hard place, from where the movie 127 hours was based. It was a pleasant surprise because of all the people I expected would be kind enough to get me this, the last person I thought of was my dad, and only because he’s out of the country.

But then, I remembered my 2007 birthday when I made a wishlist of the books I wanted to get for my birthday —and my dad and mom bought ALL these books for us in one box sent through my brother upon his return from the US. Everything!

So what is it about surprises that we like? Well, one is that they’re unexpected, of course! Second, the effort they give. Third, the ‘personal touch’ to these surprises. My dad knows I’m a reader and that I love climbing mountains. This is just perfect!  :-)


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