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What I find attractive in a man is….

Convictions are the mainsprings of action, the driving powers of life. What a man lives are his convictions. – Bishop Francis Kelly

While I was watching the Finale of Survivor: Redemption Island, my attention was fixed on one particular contestant, and he wasn’t the winner. His name is Matt Elrod who spent most of his Survivor days as an outcast in Redemption Island. What that means is that he’s been voted off many times and sent to the island to fend off for himself. He is described as “an extremely religious young man” and “a devout Christian who will play the game with as most integrity as possible.” Those two descriptions already said a mouthful about his character.

The first time I saw him on the show, he was engaged in a conversation with another girl contestant on the topic of faith. It turns out that both of them were Christians, and this common ground has given them a chance to bond. Eventually, they would play each other off during the duel at the island. Matt won, but before the girl left, she gave him her luxury item, her Bible.

I was glued from then on. I’ve watched many episodes and seasons of the game and have not found a man or woman who spoke honestly and openly about their faith. Until Matt. What drew me to him was really this candid, very sincere way of talking about God without being too preachy. He was just drawing from personal insights and experiences and to him, this wasn ‘t just a game. He has spoken many times about the importance of God’s will for him throughout Survivor.

“I feel like he wanted me to trust him and take a risk. He wanted me to trust him enough to allow him to use me so that the blind could see manipulation and encourage people. I wanted to show people peace, love, joy and strength that I found in Jesus, my saviour. That’s what I was trying to do and I think that’s what God’s plan was. My vision is still limited being so fresh out of the show and I may never see the full effects of it but I think that’s what it was about.”

Talking openly about faith is always met with either opposition or indifference. People hardly take us seriously once we start talking about Jesus. I guess this springs from a lack of knowledge about him, and a lack of interest. Too often, people think we’re being holier than them. What I wished people would see is that talking openly about your relationship with God is normal for any person who loves God. When we’re passionate about something, we just can’t help but talk about it. It colors everything about us. And what I found very endearing about people like Matt is that they’re not afraid of how they will be perceived by other people. That’s the kind of man I want. Confident and secure in Jesus. Someone who knows his convictions and beliefs and is comfortable talking openly about his faith in God. Someone who draws daily sustenance from the Bible.

He admitted that there were times he almost wanted to quit, but he held on to God for his daily strength. It takes a certain kind of man to admit that he’s not strong. Men, after all, like to play with strength. But this candidness shows vulnerability. I like men who are vulnerable. Ironically, that to me shows real strength. They don’t pretend to know all the answers. 

And to top it all off, he’s a Pre-med student. *highschool giggles. A Christian doctor who is passionately in love with Jesus. That is such a turn on and there is something undeniably attractive about that. And it doesn’t hurt he’s good looking and has a good physique, too. *wink. I wonder if he plays the guitar? Naku, may crush ako! :)


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