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Just like your pair of slippers

“Just like your pair of slippers, there’s ONE person that fits you,” my officemate’s sister-in-law said during the surprise birthday party she planned for her husband. My officemate Ate Malu tagged me and two others along since we were also on some surprise roles. I did a video for this party in just under two hours —something I consider a feat. Usually, when people in the office ask me to do an AVP, it takes me at least the whole day to finish it. Blame it on my being a perfectionist and just being meticulous. I never take these things for granted. I always make sure I do justice to every photo and video —probably because I consider all this an extension of me. If the work turns out well, that’s a reflection of my input and of myself. Conversely, if it’s mediocre, it will also be very telling of my character.

When everyone had given their mini speeches for the birthday celebrant, all that was left was the wife –the careful planner and instigator of this surprise party. As she went in front, she had this big smile on her face that showed she was happy with the outcome. The surprise was a success! Everyone had turned up and it was really a fun, intimate gathering of family and friends. And then she started with her speech.

She proudly retold the story of how she fell in love with him 10 years ago. The moves. The poses. The smile. She admitted that she still knows very little about him, but the pictures shown in the video have given her a sort of recap of his life —who he is to his friends, colleagues, and family. And to her, he is her best friend, her main squeeze, the person she would grow old and be stuck with forever. She was her “Buddy for life.” (Buddy’s his name). And then she mentioned a line from the movie Fireproof. “If I never told you I love you, I love you. If I never told you I’ve forgiven you, I’ve forgiven you.”

At that point, I was all ears. Here was a young woman declaring before everyone that a fire-proof marriage is possible IF God is at the center, and if there is devotion, honesty, faithfulness and love. I saw in her a confidence I seldom see in married couples. I don’t know why, but something tells me she’s found the secret to making their marriage work —and enjoying it. She was confident, sincere, and very thankful that God had given her the “perfect match”, the “other pair”, “the one that fits her right.” She was beaming and she looked even more radiant as she said all this. She really is content and happy.

I listened to her and then I thought about that line. “Just like a pair of slippers, there is ONE that just fits you right.”

I have hope. I may not know who this person is yet, but faith tells me I will also have that one day. There’s nothing I want more than to meet who God has prepared for me, a “perfect complement” to who I am as a woman, and enjoy making a life with him. My friends always tell me how excited they are to someday meet that man, and the context is always because finding a match for me seems to be pretty difficult. The list of why grows longer each time. Standards. Timing. Character. Beliefs. God’s will. There are some things you just can’t force —liking someone, for example. People tell me, “okay na yan, mabait naman siya.” Sorry, being mabait alone doesn’t cut it with me. Lahat tayo pwede maging mabait. But I’m not looking for someone stellar; I’m looking for my perfect fit. I don’t “collect and select”. I don’t settle for mismatches. And you can go on all these debates about not believing there’s just one person for us. Go ahead, no one’s stopping you. But I believe God has someone just for us. So I will wait. I wait for that day, that man, that other perfect pair, with Genesis 2:22-23 in mind,

And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. 

Meantime, the other pair of slipper is waiting in the closet.

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