Kobe Manila Tour 2011

For a post-Kobe Tour entry, click here. 

I just had to get those tickets to add to a memorable 26th year for me. :) It’s my birthday, soon! I waited in line for almost 5 hours early this morning to get those two tickets for us twins. :) 

6 thoughts on “Kobe Manila Tour 2011

  1. cool. I wanna win 1 too. Thats why im joining the picture puzzle trivia questions on facebook. :D Sana makapasok,

  2. yeah. We’re all gunning for that. We didn’t get the best seats for this eh, kaya i still wanna win that puzzle. :)

  3. I did! I had a blast. I haven’t even written about it yet. But this is definitely a dream come true for me, to see him play in the flesh! :) Doesn’t happen very often! I hope he comes back :D

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