Do they exist?

I have a question. It’s been plaguing me for some time now. It isn’t easy to answer and it’s subject to many varied interpretations and opinions. In fact, I’ve formed my own opinion on it. But I’m careful not to veer away from what the Bible says, and I’m also careful not to believe too much… Continue reading Do they exist?

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Early setbacks and the trek to Inasan River

Day 1, May 18, 2012 “Will it really be just four hours to Culiang?” That was the first question we asked at the pre-climb meeting. We know as mountaineers that when locals give an estimate of how long it would take to get to a destination, most likely the figure doubles. We were hopeful that… Continue reading Early setbacks and the trek to Inasan River

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When God turns your TV off …

A few days ago, our TV went bust. It wasn’t entirely my fault because for some time now, it’s been having some signal problems. But I did aggravate the whole thing. I tried to remedy it by meddling with the cable until I felt something loosened and then, “crap. I think I accidentally dislodged the… Continue reading When God turns your TV off …