Do they exist?

I have a question. It’s been plaguing me for some time now. It isn’t easy to answer and it’s subject to many varied interpretations and opinions. In fact, I’ve formed my own opinion on it. But I’m careful not to veer away from what the Bible says, and I’m also careful not to believe too much in the idea of it, or let it consume me. I’m really just curious, as any single girl I think would be. 

Do they exist, soul mates? Is there really that one person made especially for you? 

I don’t want to romanticize so much on the idea of soul mates, though I do believe that it is a lovely idea —to just have that one person who so fits you and everything about you. A perfect compliment to who you are as a person, someone you connect with naturally, who’s just right for you.

That would be divine. 


3 thoughts on “Do they exist?

  1. I don’t want to romanticize the notion either … actually, I wouldn’t put a name on it :) Something in me refuses to believe that the world (or God?) could be so limited. But I believe that once you see someone who fits you like a glove, you’ll know naman, by God’s grace. Which brings the notion of “soul mates” back to being a mystery…

  2. Yun nga eh. Kasi if there’s just one person for you, what about when you become a widow and remarry? I was just thinking about this after watching a K-drama and these two characters were really just…made for each other. But they didn’t end up together. But throughout the film, you know that they were so right for each other. They finish each other’s sentences, they know what the other feels, etc. It really made me wonder.

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