Today, I went over the Book of Job to know more about God. Job holds a special place in my heart, for our names came from this book. This is also one of my mom’s favorite books in the Bible. Some thoughts I’ve written in my journal were beautifully expressed in this blog I came across today. I want to share it and I hope people are blessed and come out even more in awe of our Sovereign God.

Christian Theology

God owes no man explanation of any sort, for anything. Sometimes He graciously gives it, but he owes it to none.

Many times in my life, when afflictions, trials, or temptations were sent my direction, the book of Job was one of my most comforting reads. The onslaught of his perceived misfortunes seems almost incomprehensible…especially to me, an untouched, unpersecuted American Christian, nestled deep within the safe, suburban neighborhoods of the so-called “Bible Belt.” Also worthy of note is Job’s faithful (but not perfect) perseverance beneath seemingly insurmountable odds.

His suffering was immense, no doubt. And yet, that’s not the primary theme of this holy account, nor is Job the star protagonist of this intriguing biography (from his perspective, anyway). No, the highlight of this book, the glory displayed from these scriptures, the majesty, splendor, and awe-inspiring focus of this portion of the Holy Writ is that of the Almighty Sovereign God, the Lord…

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