The heartbreak behind Mockingjay

Somewhere in the next few days I would have to sit down and write my thoughts on the Hunger Games trilogy, particularly the second and third installations, which have become my boredom busters in the last three nights while stuck at home from the flood. Yes, I have been staying as late as 5:00 am finishing each book, because they were so compelling and riveting that I couldn’t put them down. And tonight, I finished the last of Suzanne Collins’ book, Mockingjay. But I’m still too lost for words to come up with a good enough review. I will leave a few words just to get them off my chest.

Truth is, at this moment I cannot process Mockingjay. I’m somewhere between loving and hating it, simply because there were too many twists and turns, too many sub-stories that could have been filtered or developed more. Things happened too fast and even the epilogue at the end didn’t quell my questions. I was loving the build up of stories from the Hunger Games and Catching Fire but by the time I was at Mockingjay, I felt the story slid, felt it was forced. I do love parts of it but I’m not going to write further because I’m probably just emotionally shocked at the turn of events. And like I said, I cannot process Mockingjay at the moment. Expect me to clear my head in a few days. Til then, keep safe everyone. :)


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