Dear Diary,

So I came from a dinner date today with a friend and was on my way home. Because I had been out the whole day and have spent a good chunk commuting (my first commute in a long, long time), I decided I might as well continue the streak and just take the bus home. I was in Glorietta and took the underpass to get to the other side where the bus stop was. As I was approaching the escalator to go up, I saw a guy, hooded (probably came from a workout or sports) going down the stairs. I noticed right away that he was good-looking. Cute, even! So I took the escalator up while he took the stairs to go down and when we were already parallel each other, I saw him checking me out. I was also in my usual casual, sporty attire. In my mind I was like, “This is the time for good eye contact. You know, a little *smizing never hurt. Give it!” But you know what I did? Even when I knew he was looking at me, I quickly glanced at him, and then I pulled away, acted like I didn’t notice him, and didn’t even care.

WHY DO I DO THAT?! I don’t really know! Why didn’t I just look at him as he was obviously looking at me? Why do I avoid men’s eyes? And why the freak do I act so nonchalant about it? If that was going to be our only encounter, I might as well give it my all, right? haha. Dear diary, I could have smiled at him. That’s all I wanted to say. And I guess it’s true. In my deepest of hearts I’m still very Maria Clara. Ugh.

File taken from media fan-art

*smile with your eyes care of Tyra Banks


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary,

  1. Aaagh!! You’re so cute. At least you gave it a glance, right? Kahit nonchalant. Dapat SHA ang humabol sa yo after he’s gone down his escalator!!! Hehe :p

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