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Rock Climbing in Montalban

“I therefore conclude it’s not the shoes.” – me, being as what Nathan said, “the exception to the rule.”


5 thoughts on “Rock Climbing in Montalban

  1. Hello,

    I arrived to your blog by the chance of a google search.
    Do you have the contact of climbing guide/teacher for this spot ?

    thank you in advance,

  2. Hi Louis!

    Are you based in the Philippines? I can give you the contact number of TR8’s head (Team Rescue 8) who does their rock climbing trainings here in Rizal. I’ll email it to you through the email address you used in posting this comment.


  3. Hi KZ.. I’m planning to do rock climbing on Oct 27? is it possible for us (we are approximately 6 poeple ) to get your assistance :) most of us are begginer’s. Can you help me to coordinate with your team :) Thanks !!


  4. Hi Bartek! apologies for the delay. Perhaps you can directly go to the website of Gideon Lasco (, he might be able to help you out with contacts. :)

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