Life Interrupted

Writer’s Note: This was left in my drafts folder for a whole month! Talk about BUSY!

El Nido 2013

A few days ago, I had my life pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of two girl friends from home –my best friend Kay and our high school friend Charisse. The trip has been planned months ago, something both girls were looking forward to as they are in ‘transitions’ at this point in their lives. I, on the other hand, welcomed the distraction and another trip to the island. Truth is, I was also going to El Nido on business, although the priority was to take a vacation and enjoy. That last word –not as easy to attain as I thought. I guess because I’ve been traveling back and forth to El Nido on business so often that the word “enjoy” gets lost somehow. And I got a preview of the life I live now and just how tricky it has become for me to “enjoy” pleasures like these.

The tan speaks for itself.Our bus ride to El Nido already took out that verb at the beginning of our trip. Our van was fully-booked so we had to catch the first trip out of Puerto Princesa to get to El Nido –6:00 am to be exact. What usually takes just 5 hours on a comfortable van ride took 7 hours on a dizzying road trip via the bus. It didn’t help that I was seated beside a freaking perv who would, from time to time, ‘accidentally’ brush his hand on my leg. On the second instance it happened, I totally freaked out and told him off, but not without my heart palpitating. I secretly wished a guy would instead just defend me from this lowlife because the truth is, I was scared inside. Kay and Cha exchanged seats with me –but the whole trip was just a nightmare. I couldn’t sleep, let alone close my eyes, without thinking this guy would do something gross beside us. Perhaps the happiest time of my life was when he finally got off the bus and left all of us in peace.

Our arrival in El Nido changed my mood as we headed to our resort, Stunning Vistas. I had a last minute change to this resort as I knew my friends would expect something refreshing –which our previous lodging won’t be able to provide us. And just as we entered the resort, immediately the troubles of the early morning floated away with the wind. The sight of the hammocks by the beach front. The refreshing welcome drinks. The refreshing February air. And the beach, of course! I am finally in a peaceful environment with my two girl friends and I am ready to relax and enjoy!

Simizu Island

Well, I realize that throughout that short trip (3 days), it was particularly difficult for me to really have a break. One, I couldn’t leave my phone. I know, I know. It’s vacation. But a start up business requires me to be hands-on, and the assistant back home can only do so much without my consent/approval. Calls keep coming in, even when I was on the boat in Simizu island about to snorkel! The fact is, the decision-making still rested on me. Two, even when I was on the island, I had to supervise the operations of our vans coming and going and the drivers still reported to me.

I live this kind of life now: one that’s busy, always on the go, always on the phone. I look forward to having more interruptions from this life, and on the side I hope to ward off the occasional perverts.

Oh, and on the way back, we were finally able to ride the Executive Van. 5-hour cruisin through the beautiful landscape of Palawan was the kind of comfort I needed. :-)


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