Lessons outside the classroom

Last week, I was troubled to see a post of my former high school teacher who confided in Facebook her recent heartbreaks. She’s been having a difficult time teaching her “insensitive” rowdy students, oblivious to the sacrifice she makes everyday to go to class without fail, while they sit in class and not pay any attention to her. It broke my heart because she was my favorite teacher in high school –our first classroom teacher during freshmen year, and then in our senior year. Apart from that, she was a personal mentor to me. She honed my leadership skills as I was elected President that Freshmen year, and she probably was one of the very first to see my potential for writing and speaking. Eventually, I would go on many essay writing and extemporaneous speech contests under her mentorship. And she, above all, was a second mom to us.

How do we value the people that are not in our daily lives now? It really made me wonder. She spent those years teaching us, being patient with our section when we could very well be described as another “unruly” group, similar to her present students. Perhaps not as unruly, but we were particularly difficult to handle in high school. Point is –when they’ve already done their “job” with us, and we have all grown up, moved on, what next? Do our relationships with our teachers cease to exist because we’re no longer in the four corners of the classroom? Because school is over? An emphatic NO.

This week’s Bible study was about honor, honoring people God has placed in our lives, honoring God. It’s very apt, don’t you think? And I want to honor her, not only for the years she spent teaching us, but just for being who she is –a single mom, a great teacher, a pillar of strength.

I pray she will overcome this present struggle and find peace and rest from all her cares. I actually mobilized my high school classmates to do a get-together of sorts to probably surprise her or encourage her. I miss being home. If i were home, I would most likely drop by and give her a hug.

This is a shout out to Ms. Salaysay. You are most loved, and I am forever grateful for you. You are MORE than the subject you teach. Please be well, and I pray for God’s grace and strength to be with you in this time.


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