Be on the mend

The scene is very familiar. A few clicks here and there and then you are reminded that yes, people do fall out of love with things they used to love so passionately, or people they used to admire, or ideals they held so dearly. With the passage of time, and with this thing called choice, people do move on –whether you like it or not. The part that can hurt is when they move on from you.

I never really thought about it that way. Being the person that always chooses to move on, I never really put myself in the shoes of the other person that decides to move on and leave you. I always thought that was my advantage –that I was making the choice to free myself of a burden and heal in the process. But what if you are and have been the burden for that other person? Shouldn’t they also have the right to heal?

Anyway. There’s no point in dwelling, is there? Somehow, I know it was bound to happen. If I had chosen not to reciprocate and if I had willfully rejected a person, what right have we to say then that they should just stay for us? People are free to forget about you and move on. It is stupid and foolish to think you will always be the constant. And yet this is the thing about us women. We always have this argument all wrong. We reject the guy and yet we still feel like they’re the bad guys for eventually moving on?

It’s not like you don’t know why this is necessary. You of all people should know. It is a beautiful thing when people are finally able to move on and heal from their wounds. Again, I say, it is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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