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Grace through holes

He was probably shaking as he slowly reached for the pierced hands before him, examining carefully these holes he dared to see first before he believed. And then, in that moment of clarity, he quickly withdrew his trembling hands, probably covered his mouth in fear and shame, but mostly in reverence, and then, without a shadow of a doubt, he knew. He knew in his heart this man deserves worship. Doubtful no more, Thomas proclaimed, “My Lord and my God”.

This was the image I had in mind when I read through John 20:25-28 tonight at our Bible study. When Thomas finally believed Jesus as God. That reverence that came upon him, that revelation, that fresh recognition of Jesus as Lord —I admit I have forgotten this feeling. How good it is to be reminded once again! How good it is to see Jesus as He is, and how comforting to know that sometimes, instead of a rebuke for lack of faith, He bestows grace and a gentle “come, see and believe.” Thank you, Jesus!


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