So, about that movie ticket…

Right after the short meeting with Ate Sharon, Kuya Josh, and Pastor Cesar, we decided we’d go see The Intern. I heard it was good and I wanted to stay up late because the house recently had a paint job and was still reeking of paint smell. I wanted to come home and just be ready for bed. There was a two-hour window before the movie, so we called up some more friends to invite to the movies, but eventually only Wesley was available on short notice. The intern it was.

The queue for the ticket was long –something about discount for students who were to watch Heneral Luna. I even figured in a little situation with the cashier attendant when a guy behind me cut the line –even as I patiently waited for my turn. If there was one thing that really, really annoys me, it’s people cutting lines. I can be patient with many things but I get short on patience with people who cut lines because to me, it’s outright rude. Second, it shows a lack of discipline and respect. If you can’t even respect a simple rule such as falling in line, how can you be trusted to follow the bigger rules? So when the guy in front of me got his tickets, I spoke up and asked the lady cashier that I was in line and that this was unacceptable. She apologized for the oversight, and I got my ticket shortly after.

I tore off two tickets from the four I had, gave them to Kuya Josh and Ate Sharon, and because there was a good two hours before the movie, I decided to have a massage while they decided to have dinner at home first. I put the movie tickets in my blue wallet before we drove out. It was around 7:40 when I arrived at Nuat Thai. By 7:50, the massage started, and I kept a close watch on the time. I requested the masseuse to finish even at just 8:40 PM to still give me plenty of time to drive to Robinsons. 20 minutes gives me enough time –if everything works out well.

I finished around 8:40 PM, paid and left immediately. Normally, I wouldn’t fret but because Wesley’s ticket was with me, I confess –I drove fast and furious. Don’t worry, I was very cautious, but I did drive faster than I normally would. By the time I arrived at Robinsons, it was a little past 9 PM (showing time). The guard stopped me because the mall closes at 9pm. They do let people in when there’s a movie to catch and you can show proof of your ticket. I got my bag, began searching for the tickets…and they were nowhere to be found.

I was frantic. The guard was like, “okay lang yan mam, don’t panic.” But even as he said this, there was another car behind me, and I didn’t want to be the one to keep people waiting. The guard decided to just let me in and search for my ticket inside the mall. I was frantic and I reversed park with one hand –while answering a phone at that. Wesley was calling to ask where I was and I said I was already parking. I got my bag again, took everything out –wallet, papers, make up kits, phone, check book, pockets —NOTHING. I couldn’t believe it!

I made a dash for the mall entrance and explained to the guard that I had a movie to catch. Surprisingly, he let me in –probably sensing the panic on my face. When I got to the second floor, Wesley was waiting against a wall, his face glued to the phone. I looked at the movie counter and it was closed and there were no cashiers anymore. I called out to him and said in the most embarrassing way, “Ahia Wes, you’ll hate me for this.”

I explained the situation and we emptied my bag again. NOTHING. It wasn’t there –the blue wallet where I inserted my movie ticket. I felt so embarrassed for calling Wesley on short notice to see a movie, only to NOT see a movie after all! I began retracing my steps. I got the tickets from the counter, tore two and gave to Ate Sharon, drove them home and went to get a massage. Nothing involved me taking my wallet out. I concluded that it must have gotten lost in between me going to the car from Robinsons, or getting off the car from the massage place. After many frantic calls with Nuat Thai, I decided to give up the search. It was gone –the blue wallet that I “remember” vaguely.

Wesley was very calm and assured me it was okay. He was more worried for my wallet and whatever was there. I assured him they were just receipts and papers –nothing important. The other wallet I had contained all my IDs and cards. We got to the parking lot and I apologized again profusely. I was really embarrassed at the situation and was a little dejected going home. I thought things couldn’t turn out worse –until the car won’t start because the ignition key won’t turn. (happened before, where it gets locked). Great, Lord. Just great. I paused, prayed, Lord, please help. Within seconds, the car started.

I got home, still with my mind on that missing wallet. It’s very vague –where it was and how I might have lost it. I was retracing my steps and finally, after half an hour of thinking and thinking, I just decided to give up on the whole thing and let the matter go.

I was sitting on the sofa bed, all sad and dejected, and when I turned to my right, the first thing I see on the table was a BLUE wallet. How can this be!?!

I immediately stood up, walked towards it, opened the wallet, and felt every face palm over me. So I NEVER lost the wallet after all. In fact, it was NEVER in my bag this whole time. I got my bag, emptied everything again, and got my BLUE check book. There, within the pages, were two movie tickets.

*face palm.*

It happens. Unnecessary stress, lots of fuel wasted, money down the drain, energy and emotions, and all these to come down to this checkbook. Ugh.

What did I learn?

Well, surprisingly, not to overspiritualize the matter. It happens. You forget things and you misplace things. You make stupid, little mistakes. And your spiritual life doesn’t hang on a thread because of it. Still, you thank God for the unexpected outcome, and for the comic relief at the end of it all. You thank God for just being present in your insane moments, because who else would know all the disturbing thoughts you have in your head?

Most importantly, you just laugh about it. I viewed it as just that –a mistake that a few hours ago, Wesley, Pastor Cesar, Ate Sharon, Kuya Josh and I were laughing about. It becomes a funny tale and a story that will be told and retold and from which will spring forth all sorts of names and jokes for me.

I’ll let them purchase the tickets next time. :P


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