Descendants of the Sun episode 6 recap


Note: Episode 7 recap and thoughts out.

Thursdays and Fridays are special watching days for me. The episodes of this new show I have been watching come out Thursdays and Fridays so just about every night before they come out, my heart goes into overdrive. I haven’t been this much invested in a drama since Cheese in the trap –and that failed miserably towards the end. For the most part, though, I liked Cheese. I liked the character development, and the way the actors brought their characters to life. Everything was relatable and it’s sad they didn’t finish well.

Speaking of finishing well, the hope remains strong for Descendants of the Sun. The force is strong on this one. The chemistry between the two main leads and the two second leads is unbelievably great. More, the storyline is powerful.

Essentially, Descendants of the Sun is a love story set amidst the backdrop of a fictional country called Urk. Today’s episode (episode 6) is my favorite as far as cinematography, humor, emotions and storyline are concerned.

It follows the cliffhanger of a confession that took place in episode 5 where we find Lt. Yoo Shi Jin asking the mother of all push-and-pull questions to Dr. Kang Mo Yeon,  “Should I apologize, or should I confess my love?” For a working background, a kiss took place the night before that caught the hesitant doctor by surprise. She rejected him, but it is obvious there are lingering feelings between the two. Now is the time to set things straight.

“You’re a charming man, but you are dangerous.” She confesses her attraction and admits where she hesitates. She looks back on all those times she was left standing alone because he had to answer to the call of duty. Ordinary dates are just not possible and the doctor couldn’t quite grapple with this yet. She adds that she needs more time to sift through her complicated emotions and think about the costs but with him always “leaving like this”, it just makes it hard for her. Everytime she wants to address her fears, he leaves. And she can’t do anything about it. I like the reason she gave to him and I think that was a very valid point. I had misgivings about her hesitations prior to this episode. To me, she seemed so indecisive but today, she had spunk. I was wowed by her reasoning. As much as she wanted to find a way to make this work, his constant, abrupt departures make it seem like the sacrifices would be one-sided. She will always be left in the dark, and this is the danger she cautions herself. One first needs to sit down and assess if one could really afford the sacrifice of loving someone who could die any moment. She has seen it happen many times in their interactions. A soldier is bound by duty and bound to his country. He gives up life for his country as a necessity.

The part that I like about Yoo Shi Jin (and mind you, everyone in Korea has caught the Song Joong Ki syndrome, as they call it), is that he’s fiercely loyal to his convictions. He stands his grounds. He’s direct without being aggressive, honest without being overbearing. He shows vulnerability with such ease, unapologetic for his feelings and singly-devoted. It doesn’t hurt he’s very humorous. I like that in a man. He doesn’t dilly-dally and gets straight to the point. But this trait also makes her point even more valid. He won’t think twice about fulfilling his duties, and a relationship with him inevitably gives the woman the lowerhand. In episode three he thinks of it as the other way around. He doesn’t have the upperhand in the relationship because of the possibility of death –he could die in the line of duty or she could die because of him. Tragedy is in the offing. Is it safe to say both then have the lowerhand and face great risks at just being with each other? Oh, the questions that come out from all these shows.

My favorite scene from this episode was when their helicopter landed, and 6 men rappelled down to the ground. As they walk towards the earthquake site, Kang Mo Yeon, busy with the victims, spots him from afar, and so does he. Their eyes locked, their gazes were so intense that you could almost read what was on their minds. “Are you okay?” Both seemed mightily relieved to see the other unhurt. The longing gazes shared by this two was just too much to melt the screen. Props to SJK and SHK for their superb acting. Second favorite scene? When he quietly ties her shoelace, tells her he is relieved she is unhurt and has been regretting he wasn’t able to say goodbye to her when he left just recently. Imagine, all these emotions between them in a span of one departure.

Oh, but the romantic in me just wants both of them to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Take in the danger together.

I think with the next episode, (we see someone trapped under the rubble, we see more heroic antics and more tears), it will set all the regrets in place, and hopefully, they will fully understand and “commit” to each other despite the risks. Love always takes risks. The message that true love is all or none at all is powerfully conveyed here. The beautiful way this drama tells us this story keeps me so glued and waiting every freaking night, past midnight, for an upload and for the subs to come out, is crazy.

The cinematography is stunning. The drama was shot mostly in Greece. I love that this was pre-produced, which is a first in Korea. No last minute changing. The story is fixed. So much was put into this drama and it’s paying off. It has been breaking ratings and records by the week. It is said that it will hit the 30% viewers ratings with this episode, and we’re still not even halfway through the drama.


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