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The accidental confession: Descendants of the sun episode 8 thoughts

descendants ep 8Episode 8 here.

Can I make a confession? I am totally loving Descendants of the Sun by the week. Waiting for the two episodes to come out weekly is such a process, and I know only those that really follow this show will ever understand the emotions that happen to a person after every episode.

Today’s episode was no different. Yet today was what sealed the deal for me. This is, by far, the most enjoyable episode yet. I won’t do a recap unlike the two other episodes but I will focus on the last part (spoiler’s alert if you haven’t seen it yet).

Another confession: The face Song Joong Ki made at that final scene was just TOO MUCH to handle. I’m like a high school girl squealing out of happiness and embarrassment over seeing a crush and the whole thing was just ridiculously enjoyable.

So this happened. When Doctor Daniel fixed the sound system (following the earthquake aftermath), our lovely doctor Kang Mo yeon gives her phone to play music for everyone to hear. Music heals souls in ways that are different to each person, and the moment that music played on the speakers, the atmosphere lightened up. She wasn’t around by then. Yoo Si Jin enters the room just right before the song ends. He asks what’s next in line and Doctor Daniel says he doesn’t know because it is Mo yeon’s phone.

And then we hear her cliff confession accidentally –that confession she recorded when she was hanging by the cliff and her car was just about to fall off, facing an impending death if not for Yoo Si Jin’s rescue. She says if she had known her life would have ended like this, she would have lived without regrets. She asks if Yoo Si Jin was still far away and if she dies, he’s probably the first one to know. She regrets not being able to confess to him, and says that yes, she was kissed by an amazing guy.

descendants ep 8a

song hye kyo

This tearful heartfelt yet hilarious confession was made for the ENTIRE public to hear. Ha! She darts her way towards the building, her face stricken with panic, running with all her might to stop this madness, but it’s all over. Cue in Yoo Si Jin with the happiest, giddiest smirk only a love-sick person could show. That face he made after this accidental revelation —victory for the captain! Total game changer, for sure. Knowing how much of a tease this handsome captain is, I’m positive he won’t let this off the hook. So much for keeping it to herself and torturing Yoo Si Jin with her restrained and withdrawn feelings. Now the cat’s out of the bag and we have a week to imagine how it’s going to play out in the next episode.

My heart was jumping and I was too happy that the replay button was totally abused. After all the dark and gloomy scenes we see from the earthquake, this happens as a complete and such a welcome surprise. I heard that the ending alone got the highest rating so far. And everything I’ve read online (comments made by viewers) were similar to what I felt. Now that’s special. This episode was a total winner. What a way to end all the push and pull relationship between our lovable couple.

There’s a lot to talk about in this episode, for sure. I don’t mean to just single out on the confession. But that could be for later, when my heart’s all settled. lol. For now, I want to savor the creative and beautiful way that their relationship has progressed, in terms of honesty and just accepting each other for what they could offer this relationship. Yes, the risks are great, but just like their talk under the moonlit, starry night, they should take these risks and run together. I feel they are both stronger as a couple when they come to terms with the limits they face, and face them together head on. Yoo Si Jin is somewhat careless with the risks he takes, being one so accustomed to danger and many life-and-death situations, and not fully understanding what this does to a person who loves him. This episode gave him that chance to see it from her perspective. Not just through that last confession, but also through the way Mo Yeon handled the responsibility of telling the wife of the deceased manager Go about his death. He listened intently to her quivering voice over the phone, observed her body language and saw her grief directly. If the doctor herself (and humanly speaking), gets affected by the death of one she was responsible for, what more for someone she loves? Yet he could still be so cavalier about it?

She has been seeing these risks, which is why she has been withdrawing and protecting herself. Even as he jokes that he has come out alive, he probably still doesn’t see how grave and sad these are all to her. Though, he did state that he was worried. He was worried over the fact that she was outside worrying about him, not knowing if he was dead or alive. I think he understood then that might potentially and even more cause her to withdraw.

Which is why that accidental confession was just so rightfully timed and placed. Now he knows how she truly feels. It wasn’t that she has rejected him because she doesn’t like him. It was that she wasn’t still ready to face all that this relationship would offer, and all that must be sacrificed. I’m loving her character. She doesn’t dive into something without weighing options. True, she could be faulted for giving mixed signals. But she never did mislead him. She liked him but just wasn’t ready yet. We can relate to that, right?

yoo si jin smile

I love this episode. I really do. :D


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