Tomorrow is His after all

I’m somewhere in between a heavy heart and a hopeful heart. I’m referring to the election results that are still being counted as I write. The results are not what I had hoped for, but they are what they are. Chatting with a good friend, I had to ‘fight off’ that sense of dread and hopelessness that seem to linger in the air. Instead, I held on to a higher thought: that God is Sovereign, whatever the outcome is. I told Mel that should our candidates lose, the bigger picture is that God is still in control. The Bible says that all leaders are appointed by God –good or bad. Didn’t Israel have a string of bad kings God used to bring judgement and punishment on them? A nation shall either prosper or be punished through its leaders. That doesn’t seem to comfort me, because I feel we’re getting the latter, but who am I to say that, right? I only know that God is in control and our future is eternally secure in His hands.

That doesn’t take away the disappointment I feel towards this elections, the way it has brought out the worst in Filipinos. Unlike previous elections, this one was darker. I think it’s because social media has gone to such heights of luring us and blinding us and feeding us with wrong information and making us feel, I think, a wrong idea of power. The power that everyone feels whatever is being said online is true, and so few bother to even research, let alone stand corrected. Everyone seems to know and believe that one, they are right, and two, the other party is wrong. As I said before, you believe what you want to believe. If you are on this side, whatever they say is good and true for you, and so on and so forth. You rarely encounter people who are open-minded, willing to listen, even willing to double check their candidates. I said I was going to pull back, to withdraw from the political banter that was rampant on my feed, but sometimes I just couldn’t help it. I saw one post liked by a friend that said, “I’m excited and can’t wait for Noynoy to go to jail.” It was followed by “6 feet under.” To wish people to die, to be excited for their doom –this is what we have become?

Then there’s this: we are also told that we should let tomorrow worry about itself. Tomorrow is God’s business. Who knows? A miracle might take place, and He can always overturn results and expectations. While comforting Mel, I had to also comfort myself with the assurance that God really, really is in control. The future might seem bleak for now, but God is in control. It bears repeating, and it feels very, very personal to me.

I’m holding out to hope. I must also recognize that things happen for God’s greater purpose and reason. His thoughts and ways are higher than ours and we often do not understand why things are the way they are. It is enough then, for me to know, that He is in control.



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