Of half truths

Like all valuable commodities, truth is often counterfeited. ~James Cardinal Gibbons

I value honesty in any relationship. There are very few people I can be frank and truthful and honest with without fearing that my honesty may possibly offend them, in effect causing us to filter ourselves to what borders on dishonesty. On the contrary, it is this honesty that strengthens the relationship. That you can say your mind and heart out to a person, despite the difference in opinion or belief, and still remain friends, that is priceless. More, than you can be brutally frank and blurt out words you normally wouldn’t blurt out to just any person, and still be accepted for it, that is friendship. That is trust. That is intimacy. You know the person to such a level that you understand the context, the cause, where she is coming from and why she would say that, and vice versa. You know each other, not just in the sense of knowing what their favorite color is, but why it is their favorite color and how it became such.

I’d take honesty and intimacy over half truths told by friends any time of the day.


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